Sporty Sister of the Week: Jess Marshall aka Jeskaa Lee

Word has gotten out about our Sporty Sister of the Week feature (or SSOTW as we like to call it), and just like we thought, the sisterhood – aka you, our readers and customers – is over flowing with so many amazing stories to be shared, daily insights to learn and a whole lot of believin’ to be inspired by.


This week we shine the spotlight on a long-time wearer of the brand, Jess Marshall (or Jeskaa Lee as she is known to her social followers). We first spotted this golden girl on Instagram last year rocking a serious combo of brightly colour LJ threads teamed back with some pretty impeccable fashion-styling – yep, if there’s one thing to learn from this girl it’s how to do #ljstreetstyle right. Yet aside from her knack of piecing together a really cool outfit, Jess tells us why she decided to take the healthy and active approach to living a busy life, amidst her never ending schedule as photographer, model, graphic designer, fashion stylist…. ah let’s catch our breath!

With positive affirmations galore, this chick is one serious believer who simply wants to share her tips to breathing some new life into that daily routine… which can be as simple as getting up earlier, finding new reasons to smile or going for a walk with mum!

Oh and just on a cute side note, her best friend and fellow Active Living lover, Kate from The Whole Housewife had this to say about Jess (that’s some serious SOS love right there)…

“I‘m so excited that MNB have shared Jess with their tribe! I feel so lucky to call her my bestie, and am really happy that her smile gets to make it to so many peoples screens everyday! Unlike other fashion bloggers Jess stands for something, her message of healthy living rings true in all she does. She is the perfect example of someone learning to Move.Nourish.Believe, and thriving in its power. I’m grateful for you everyday beautiful girl!”

MNB: Hi there, welcome to our humble MNB! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello, thank you so much for having me!

Let me see, I am a pretty down-to-earth person, I love to help others, I am an organiser and I like to pull silly faces and say funny things, well just because!

I am a fashion & lifestyle blogger, model, photographer, a sales assistant and I dabble in some graphic design here and there too. I consider myself to be extremely creative; whether it is creating a new smoothie recipe, attempting to design the perfect flat lay image or styling my next post for the blog.


Other than working, I really enjoy going for walks and exploring new places, getting outside and heading to the beach. I live right near the beach and feel really blessed to live in such a beautiful place. I also enjoy watching feel-good & action movies and trying out all the new healthy cafe’s popping up where I live. I adore spending time with my friends, family & partner, oh and my adorable dog Baxter too, I have a huge love for animals!

MNB: So, word in the blogosphere is you …

I am currently working on an e-Book full of all things fashion, lifestyle, healthy living, positive thinking & much more to empower women. I want to create a book full of valuable information and beautiful pictures that highlights my own experiences and the people who are helping me achieve my goals everyday.

MNB: Have you always been passionate about healthy living? What was the ‘uh ha’ moment for you…

To be honest I have only started to embrace a really healthy lifestyle over the past few years. I’d always played netball and I did dancing back in high school, but didn’t eat the right healthy foods. Back in 2011 I decided to consciously make the decision to start nourishing my body properly, I learnt that portion sizes are really important and I started exercising regularly.


For me it wasn’t just about losing weight but also gaining confidence within and I wanted to be the healthiest version of myself. Treating my body better and learning self-love has been one of the best journeys I have taken to date, I am continually working on ways to improve my health, fitness and happiness every day.

MNB: What does a typical day of MNB’ing look like in your world?

As I work many different jobs, it’s different every day; I need to be flexible to fit in with my ever-changing schedule. I really enjoying going for a walk or a run down near the beach or ssotw_quotes2

MNB: Okay, so if you had to choose…what would be your top 3 ‘can’t live without’ foods of all time!

Do I have to choose only 3! Haha I am absolutely addicted to smoothies, I have one almost every day… so definitely cannot live without those. Acai bowls are definitely on the top of my list and wild rice sushi… can I add one more? Dark chocolate is my guilty pleasure.. yum!


MNB: What does happiness look like to you?

Happiness to me is a feeling… To feel absolutely content with where you are and what you are doing. I believe positive thinking will bring that feeling of happiness we all dream of, it’s not easy but taking the steps to improve your thoughts will help you in achieving pure happiness!filler_ssotw_01

MNB: What are your fave LJ pieces to move in?

My all time favourites are the Zeeta short tight for running or doing Pilates, they are the perfect length for my style. Also the April Bra, having a smaller bust, it gives me a nice shape and adds a little to my bust while still giving support.

MNB: What are some healthy snacks we could find stashed in your handbag?

I usually carry a container of pistachio’s or almonds and grapes are also yummy snack too, just don’t leave them in there too long!

MNB: Best advice you have ever been given?

ssotw_quotes3All beautiful pieces of advice from my family and friends.

MNB: Any tips or advice you could give to our readers just starting on their healthy, active journey?

My best advice from my experience of starting my health journey is to just start, set goals, be positive and don’t be too hard on yourself. Everything takes time, but you will look back and thank yourself for it once you start to reach your goals.

Take the leap and learn about what is best for your body, by either talking to a professional, doing some research or just getting active! Believe in yourself and know that deep down you have the will to be the person you dream of being.

MNB: What are some of your best-kept beauty secrets?

A lot of people are a bit unsure of using oil on their face but for me I use organic Rose Hip oil on my face every night before I go to bed, it helps rehydrate my skin and it feels moisturised and fresh when I wake up in the morning. Drink plenty of water or coconut water (it’s delicious and hydrating) and get a little bit of Vitamin D everyday.

MNB: What does active living mean to you?

Active living to me means finding ways in every day life to get moving. Going for a walk with my dog, walking to work, going for a run and doing any sort of workout are all different ways I live my life actively.

MNB: Any Move, Nourish or Believe tips before we part?

“Don’t forget the most important thing you can ever do is love yourself. Self love will bring you so much happiness if you love your body inside and out”.


– – –

Some of my other quotes + sayings:

“To achieve anything, you need to believe in yourself, have a vision, work hard, set goals and make your dreams come to life. Anything is possible if you believe it”.

“Love is the compass of life”.


“Each new day can be a fresh start to create the life you want to live”.

I believe we all need to embrace life the best way we can and only have positive, supportive people around us.”

My honest belief is there is no such thing as perfect.”


jeskaaleeAs well as being a model, photographer and advocate for all things healthy living, Jess Marshall is the blogger behind are just a few of the hats she wears on any given day. Finding her love for all things health and wellness in 2010, she has never looked back. Now this self confessed fashion lover and sporty sister is on a mission to inspire others and show them how fun active living can be! Contact her via her blogfacebook and instagram.