MNB Living: Angela Simson

MNBL_angesimson_3_01Today is the day we launch our first MNB Living superstar. And boy is she the perfect candidate. If you haven’t read up on what MNB LIVING is all about (although by the title you’re probably all over it) you can find all the juicy details in the latest edition of Active Living Magazine. When hunting for an all round MNB’er to feature for our Mother’s Day special, we poked around, did a little scouting and even phoned a friend in search of an everyday girl who personified the Active Living philosophy.

And as the famous saying goes, “ask and you shall receive”. And that we did, we really did. Ange Simson is a new mumma, author of The Gratitude Project, and an all round cool chick with some seriously amazing hair (yep we’re jealous). The MNB team were lucky enough to be invited into Ange’s beautiful home with complimentary dark chocolate blueberries upon arrival (no joke, this girl is gooood). After a little nourishin’ (very important) we got to talking about her daily MNB practice, life as a new mum, health and natural beauty tips and how she has created a life she loves.

“Life is amazing now that I’m a new mum!…

Life has changed because it’s better. Bo’s like my little bestie that comes everywhere with me. It’s like my whole life was leading up to this and I think I’m doing a pretty good job (I hope!)MNBL_angesimson_2_04

Before we started trying for Bo, I had three months of complete clean eating, no alcohol, no processed food and Hugh (my partner) did the same.  I knew that our baby would be growing in my body, my cells would become her cells and I wanted her to have the best start possible. Babies aren’t born perfect, they need a great environment to develop. The whole pregnancy I listened to my body and did what felt right for me. I think it’s crazy that women fall pregnant and start eating junk food! You literally are what you eat and you don’t want your baby to be created from fried chicken and ice-cream!
MNBL_angesimson_2_03I’ll admit, adjusting to motherhood was a bit of a process. Especially understanding that babies need routine [laughs]. Once I figured out that Bo thrived off sleeping at the same time every day, life got a whole lot easier! I was able to structure my day and get some work and study done while she slept. I think I’ve changed for the better because I’ve found a new confidence. Being a mum is the best job you can have, and there is no better compliment than hearing that I’m doing it right.

My partner Hugh and my boy-meets-girl story is pretty cute I think. I worked for him at his retail store in Surfers Paradise. The first day I started his mum told me we should date because she wanted us to get married (this is after knowing me for all of 10 minutes) so it’s kind of funny that she got her wish.  That was almost 10 years ago now! I was just a baby myself but I had the biggest crush on him. And now we’re married with Bo. Crazy how things turn out.

When it comes to my beauty routine, I like to keep things pretty simple. I’m lucky because I have lots of really thick hair and I only get highlights twice a year which I think keeps it healthy. I always dry brush in the morning, then a warm shower finished off with a cold blast and I moisturise with coconut oil. In my make up bag you will find Burt’s Bees Blush Orchid Tinted Lip Balm and lots of hair ties. Stila cream blushBobbi Brown Bronzing Powder and Nars Tinted Moisturizer (if I’m going out). I don’t wear perfume either. So if I’m going somewhere I use Kora Rosehip Body Oil. It smells really pretty.

MNBL_angesimson_16MNBL_angesimson_10MNBL_angesimson_9Green smoothies are amazing for everything! Getting all those greens in first thing in the morning makes a difference and I always try to throw extra goodies in my meals, like shredding kale into most of our dinners and always having a side of greens with my meal when I eat out. Coconut oil is amazing for inside and out, I use it on my face, body, hair and nails.

MNBL_angesimson_3_03The progression into Active Living was a very gradual thing for me… When Hugh and I first moved in together I could barely cook. I used to suffer from migraines, really severe and really often. I started to realise that certain foods triggered an attack.

Having too many preservatives and packaged foods was affecting my life negatively and I knew something needed to change. So that’s where it started.

Having positive health influences in my life really helps. My Callanetics instructor Sandra Hanna introduced me to my first green smoothie about 7 years ago and my bestie is studying naturopathy which is very helpful!

MNBL_angesimson_3_02Being an avid reader of MNB, I’ve just started my own health blog. I’m really passionate about people taking care of their body and mind. People underestimate how much a good diet and positive attitude can change your life. I’m studying at IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) now and I really want to become a health coach, and specialise in women pre-pregnancy and when pregnant. I want to educate people on the power of nourishing their body to produce the best baby possible and give them everything they deserve at the beginning of their life. I want to help make people happy.

MNBL_angesimson_15MNBL_angesimson_6In my kitchen you will almost always find watermelon, chocolate covered blueberries and spinach – lots of spinach! And raw cacao powder, coconut oil and medjool dates for when I wanna whip up a sweet treat… which is often haha. Currently, a recipe eBook is in the works. It’s 100% healthy treats! I know that when I was on my journey to health, sweets were my biggest hurdle.

Once I realised that being healthy didn’t mean just living off salads and juice, my mind exploded with limitless options and new ways to nourish my body and really REALLY enjoy it.

I love making treats with superfood ingredients that gift my body instead of leaving me feeling bloated and depressed. So I want to give that power to others, show them the joy of healthy eating, starting with treats… Watch this space, I’ve got plans for much, much more!

When it comes to creating rituals in the morning, Hugh normally gets up and sees her Bo first (unless he’s training) and after they’ve had some quality time he brings her into our room and we just cuddle and play for a while. Nighttime is amazing, bath time and story time are for Hugh and then she gets a feed and we put her to bed. It’s simple but magic.

MNB_180414_MNBLiving_01While I believe in the power of eating healthy, and exercise I think having a strong belief system is key. I’m pretty intuitive like that. I believe things are put in front of you and you can take it and run with it, or push it to the side.  But if it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

I’m also a huge believer in visualisation. I always think about what I want out of life, have inspiration boards around the house and I know that if you put your energy into something, it can happen. I think everyone can have the life they dream of, they just need to believe they deserve it and take action to get there!

MNBL_angesimson_3MNBL_angesimson_2_02My MNB practice is simple, yet effective for my lifestyle. I move my body through Callanetics & big walks. I Nourish with lots of self love, treating my body right by feeding it good food and keeping all my skincare products as natural and chemical free as possible. And I Believe in staying present in the moment, creating mood boards and believing I deserve the best”.MNBL_angesimson_2_01

– As told to the MNB TEAM

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Photography by Jenna Agius