Meet Active Living Advocate: Laura Rixon

Campaign_profile_bannerIntroducing our first active living advocate…Laura Rixon! Laura is a Move Nourish Believe superstar and a true inspiration to all of us here at LJHQ. If you want to see what Active Living looks like, look no further than Laura’s Instagram, she paints the perfect picture as she documents her daily healthy habits, nourishing rituals and creative workouts. All of which earned her the title of the #ljfitspo Instagram winner in 2012. So clearly Laura inspires us, so why not let her inspire you too. We took 5 with Laura on the Lorna Jane Roadmap to Active Living photoshoot to discover more about her story, and how she was guided along the path to living her best life.

You are such an inspiration to the LJ Sisterhood, tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a fourth year Occupational Therapy student, I work on the weekends as a support worker for a girl with cerebral palsy and I volunteer when I can at an Op Shop on the North side of Brisbane. I love to create, whether it is in the kitchen, on a canvas or through a camera lens. I am inspired by nature and my creator who made it all.


What is your favourite way to move?

On cold winters mornings, or balmy summer sunrises, I love to roll out the yoga mat and stretch for 15-20mins every morning. After uni, I hit the gym for strength training and plyometrics and I love strapping the boxing gloves on to mix up my sessions.

What foods are you loving right now?

I lovvee coconut yoghurt. I make my own toppings to have with it, my favorite at the moment is Blueberries, Acaí, Maquai berries and vegan coconut protein powder, pop it in the blender with a little coconut water to make a delicious sauce to dribble over the top!

What is one of your biggest tips on how to live active?

Make active living work for you! Catch up with a friend over a walking date instead of a coffee date. Fit it into your own schedule. Pack your gym clothes at the start of the day and make sure you hit the gym after work before you go home again. Think of creative ways to be active during the day – 10 squats every time you answer the phone.

What would be your message to those women who haven’t started on their active journey yet? 


What nourishing recipe are you famous for making? 

I loovve breakfast recipes! My favourite is my raw banana oatmeal. It’s so simple and really delicious!

laura_rixon_01Thank you Laura for being such a fantastic representation on what Active Living is all about. You are an MNB dreamchild and we are so lucky to have you on board. Keep on MNB’ing and living your best life girl!

Continue your journey to inspirationville and follow Laura’s journey on Instagram @laura_rixon