Introducing MNB’s Resident Yogi – Brooke Vardi

Our Sporty Sister of the Week Brooke Vardi

Let us introduce you to the face behind our beautiful yoga sequences – the effervescent yogi, Brooke. The type of lady who radiates health and positivity, from the moment she stepped foot in our studio all eyes were on her. She is just the type of girl that everyone wants to be friends with. Perhaps it’s her healthy glow, clear eyes or all-round positive demeanour that allows her to give off such utterly magnetic vibes, but let’s just say she has us inspired to unroll the yoga mat, find our centre and let it all out. We took five with the enchanting Brooke Vardi to discover her beauty and health secrets, and how discovering the wonderful world of Yoga has positively impacted her life.

MNB: What is your favourite type of Yoga to practice and why?
I really love all types of Yoga ranging from traditional Hatha practice to Tantric Yoga to Vinyasa and more! Every style gives a vast array of benefits for your body, mind and soul. It’s great to become in tune with your body so you can practice Yoga according to how you feel each day.

My very favourite style though would have to be Vinyasa Yoga – a flowing practice of yoga which can often be described by new yogi’s as “flowing like a dance”. When I am feeling very energised I enjoy going to fiery Ashtanga classes.

MNB: How has Yoga changed or benefited your lifestyle?
Yoga is not only a physical practice but a healthy and positive way of living. It has always been in my life but has become a larger part of it over the past 6 years which has had an immensely positive effect.

As Sri Swami Satchinanda says…. “Yoga began with the first person wanting to be happy and healthy all the time.” I get to spread health and happiness to others – what could be better than that??!!

MNB: What environment do you like to do Yoga in?
My favourite place to do Yoga is at the beach! What could be better than practicing your Asanas with the salty smell of the ocean and warm crashing of the waves as they roll in and out in front of your mat.

MNB: Do you listen to music, and if so what?
I like to listen to the sound of nature when I do my morning or evening practice outside. When I feel like getting pumped up I’ll often listen to music by an awesome musician who goes by the name of MC Yogi. It’s great and I often even listen to him when I’m painting or cleaning for some extra positive vibes! Check out his stuff at I strongly suggest his new album Pilgrimage, the tracks Give Love, Born to Fly and Hanuman are some of my favourites!

MNB: What’s in your yoga bag?
My LJ Good Karma Yoga Mat, a scarf and of course my big filtered water bottle my boyfriend gave me.

MNB: What is your favourite nourishing snack?
Ayurvedicly speaking I am a Vata type of person which means I am usually quite dry. Because of this I tend to crave hydrating sources of nourishment for my snacks. I get loads of nourishment by sipping on fresh coconut water in the mornings after my practice. I love snacking on yummy seasonal fruits such as watermelon, mango and lychees. My favourite fruit might be mangosteen though – an amazing super fruit from Indonesia.

I often throw brazil nuts in my bag with a red apple. The selenium in the brazil nuts cleanses the liver which assists skin health and energy levels while the apple contains pectin which assists digestion and keeps you full! I try to always eat foods in their most natural state as every plant has its own synergy so it can benefit your body to its fullest potential!


MNB: Some beauty secrets you would like to share?
Lots! I could literally go on for days about the benefits of organic sesame oil and turmeric and inversions…  I love sharing them with my students at the end of our classes together. I think the very best beauty secret I could ever give would have to be to practice your “Lipasana”! Always try to smile and laugh as much as you possibly can! I promise you’ll notice a big increase of positive attention from all other beings. When we radiate positivity we attract positivity. By smiling we are also working the cheek muscles so they stay up and youthful (like yoga for your face) and when we laugh we use our tummy muscles (like a ton of crunches!).

MNB: What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

  • To live without judgement for others as well as yourself.
  • To live with compassion, loving kindness, joyfulness with others and with a sense of equanimity.
  • To hold nothing in higher regard than happiness and people.
  • To respect all of your dharmas.

To ask Brooke a question, visit her very own website here

Note: Brooke wears Tropics BraComfort Sports Bra & Initiate 7/8 Tight