The DIY Face Mask Lorna Swears By



It feels like every single day we pick up a new series of tips and tricks from our leading lady Lorna Jane Clarkson. From laying out your activewear the night before an early start right through to adding a teaspoon of collagen to your morning smoothie, we honestly don’t know where we’d be without her never ending stream of advice on all things Active Living. But it would be selfish of us to keep these pearls of wisdom all to ourselves, so we decided to share Lorna’s recipe for the DIY avocado face mask she absolutely swears by. 


When left on the face for 10-15 minutes, the natural oil found in avocado will penetrate your skin, helping to soften and smooth your face and even slow down the ageing process! 


Glowy skin, come at me! 


Balancing Avocado Face Mask 


1 small avocado mashed


1/2 a small cucumber finely grated 


3 TBS of Green Clay Powder 


1 TSP Fresh lemon juice 


Combine all ingredients in a small bowl. Cover and chill for at least 30-minutes. With clean, dry skin apply a thick layer to your face and neck, avoiding the eye and lip areas. Leave for 20-25 minutes and wipe the skin clean with a damp cloth. 





What’s your go-to DIY recipe? Let us know in the comments below!