Top Tips For a Stress Free Christmas


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Yahoo!  Seriously, I love it and here at team MNB we are beside ourselves with excitement. 


Giving gifts, spending time with family and friends, lights (lights and more lights), eating delicious food, dressing my dog up as a wee reindeer (a-dorable)… What’s not to love!?  


That said, it’s super easy to get caught up in the not so great things about Christmas. The pressure, the jam packed schedule, the excessive spending and the eternal quest for perfection.


If you start letting all of those aspects get on top of you, it’s easy to fall into the stress-zone. And, no-one wants to be there. 


We’ve got some simple tips to help you have a stress free (or at least, stress a little less) Christmas.


…and check it twice!

Yep, the big man in red has got this one right. List down everything you want and need to do. Divide up between essential and ‘nice to have’ and set deadlines. Add them into your diary and break it down.

If you can break your tasks into bite sized chunks with a reasonable deadline, they are much easier to complete.





A budget for what you are spending on what; gifts, food, decorations, bubbly… Whatever you need to buy set a reasonable budget and stick to it.

A good trick is to take the amount out in cash so that you can’t overspend by accident. We all know just how easy it is to tap and go without realising how much money you’re actually dropping. It adds up fast!





How many times have you received a handmade or small gift that is truly from the heart? Not every present needs to be the biggest or the most expensive to be valuable. There are so many lovely things that you can make yourself (face masks, treats, scrubs…Here are some ideas) or make together!

Maybe going out on a picnic and spending some quality time with someone you don’t see a lot will be the gift of the season 🙂

Any gift from the heart will be a joy to give and  greatly appreciated heart





Too many social engagements or people inviting themselves to your place for dinner? It’s okay to say ‘no’ if you’re not cool with it. It doesn’t mean that you don’t care. It means that you want to be present and enjoy the activities you say ‘yes’ to!

Over committing is really easy to do and no one wins if you’re spread too thinly. It’s a time to be enjoying yourself, not watching the clock so you don’t miss your next booking. 





We’re all for cooking homemade meals full of nutrition and flavour but not every meal needs to be a 20 course extravaganza. 

If cooking is your passion go bananas but if not, don’t worry. Plan out your menu and find recipes that you’re happy with.

Likewise, not every gift needs to be perfectly wrapped in homemade paper and every table dressed ready to be featured on Pinterest.

See next tip wink





Pick your priorities, what is really important to you and invest time in that. Outsource the rest if you can. If making handmade, personalised cards is your thing, awesome. If not, buy them.

Seriously, you don’t need to do everything. It’s not ‘cheating’, it’s freeing you up to do the things that are meaningful to you.

Having the food shop delivered has given me more time. So, I can head out to carols under the stars without a huge list of things to do waiting for me… looming, when I get home. #outsourcewin 

Remember, spending time doing what you love and with the people you love is what the season is all about. 





It’s easy to skip a run or gym session if you think that you are too busy or perhaps you’re a tad dusty from a big night.

You won’t thank yourself for it.

Keep your exercise scheduled as normal as possible. Not just for your health (hello extra treats available everywhere!) but for your general wellbeing.

You will feel better mentally, emotionally and physically for it – trust us wink

Here are some workouts for you!





Get out to see the lights, head out carolling, get tickets to a show or your favourite festive movie. Grab some friends and get amongst it.

Remember the fun parts and get involved! Being out with people enjoying the festivities is a great way to bring you back into the spirit!





It’s a hectic time and we get pulled from one thing to another. Chill.

Half an hour here and there (more if you can) just having a quiet cuppa and not rushing around will help you see things clearly and declutter your brain. Relax, there’s really no need to be going 100 miles an hour the whole time.



Remember what Christmas is about. It’s not who made the most treats from scratch, who gave the best gifts or who attended the most events. It’s about love, the people you love and being grateful, thankful and kind.


Embrace the planning and try to make it a part of the fun!




How do you keep stress at bay during the holidays?