Thankful Thursday: The Simple Things In Life


This Thursday morning I am thankful to wake up to these delightful SUNFLOWERS bought from my local Farmers’ Market. The sunflowers smile at me as I prepare myself for work and I can’t help but return a gleaming smile back. From its long stem that stands tall, with its wide and detailed face, bright happy yellow petals and its imperfect leaves, I start to deconstruct this gift from nature, and while lost in admiration of its beauty, I am reminded of one of my favourite quotes.

  “The earth laughs in flowers”

What a cool and quirky thought that is. They erupt out of the soil with bursts of laughter and despite rain, hail or shine; they won’t stop showcasing their beauty until they fall back to the ground.

I am always amazed by the simple things in life, like the beauty of this flower for example. Its presence can offer a wealth of inspiration, simply by being exactly what it was destined to be.  In a peculiar way I find encouragement from this, and decide to make an oath to live as this sunflower does, to smile and enjoy myself… rain, hail or shine, and only stop when my head hits the pillow again.

Thank-you Sunflowers for being a visual manifesto and helping me start my day on a very bright note!

What are you ladies thankful for on this fine thursday?