Take your vision to the next level

It’s far from a secret that here at Lorna Jane, we’re HUGE believers in inspirational quotes, and on one of our daily blog trawls, we came across two girls who feel exactly the same. Meet Luisa and Sarah, two Belgium based creatives who are on a mission to motivate you to create the life you really love with their company Gloment. Creating completely bespoke designed vision posters the dynamic duo are solely dedicated to taking your vision to the next level. We caught up with these two lovely ladies to find out more about about their amazing work. 


Can you start by telling us a little bit about what Gloment is?

Sarah and I founded Gloment in July 2015. Sarah is a programmer and I am a designer. We are based in Berlin and we are creating custom made Vision Posters which can be bought online. We send customers questionnaire to fill out and then we craft them a personalised Vision Poster based on their answers.

How and where did the idea to start Gloment come about?

We believe that having a strong vision is the most important part when starting anything. You have to know why you are doing what you are doing. And you have to define your goals to be able to reach them. We started with the Vision to help people to fulfill their dreams and to believe in themselves. With those thoughts in our head and the vision of ourselves creating a company we started Gloment. We started about a year ago to make our dream come true and to follow our vision in order to create a product and company that actually brings  value to many people. After months of research  we came up with the Vision Poster.


How long have you known each other and why did you decide to go into business together?

We were friends before we started Gloment together. We’re a good fit because we have very similar values and the same vision but complementary skills and personalitites. Sarah is a programmer with a Masters Degree in computational neuroscience so she programs our website and our poster editor and she also knows a lot about how the human brain works which is an important part in building a motivational poster which really makes a difference in the lives of our customers. I am a visual designer with an MBA so I am responsible for the visual part of the poster and our communication and I am taking care we are not running out of money wink

I clearly remember the night we decided to start Gloment together.  We were eating pizza with Sardellen and I was telling Sarah about my idea to start a company that will find ways to make people happier , motivated and focused on what they want for themselves and at the end of the night we decided we have to do it together.

Where did you discover your love of motivational quotes from?

I am a self development addict and a visual designer so I’ve always loved beautiful motivational quotes. Sarah is fascinated about how powerful your repeated thoughts and believes can be, that is what fascinates her about motivational quotes.


What impact can quotes and mantras have on your life?

What we think and believe is such a big part of who we are and determines who we become. Unfortunately most people are very critical with themselves and quotes and mantras can help us to actively shape our thoughts. Mantras can help us to rewire your brain to change the way you see the world. It can give us stability hope and confidence.

Why should everyone have a vision poster in their life?

Your Vision Poster remindes you of your strength your dreams and aspirations. Many of us live in a world of endless possibilites which is great but it can also make you feel lost. Our Vision Poster helps you to define your unique purpose gives you confidence in yourself and assurance. You will feel grateful and proud of who you are and what you have everytime you read it.

What’s your favourite quote or mantra?

Sarahs is:  If you can dream it you can do it

Mine is: Be confident

What’s your hope for the future of Gloment?

Our hope is to grow Gloment to global scale so we and our whole team can continue to work on something we truly belive in. It is most important to us to work on something meaningful beautiful and truly valuable to others. We hope that we can help even more people realize that they are amazing.

To find out more about Gloment or order your very own print, visit their website, Facebook or instagram