The Secret Side Effect of Active Living… Self-Confidence

Eating right and working out don’t just lead to more energy and a toned beach body. What if I told you that the biggest benefit to embracing a healthy and fit lifestyle was actually gaining self-confidence? Because it’s true!


You see, when you’re healthy and work out regularly, you’re actually practicing self-care. You are taking that important time each day to focus on yourself so you can become your best self. And when you’re the best version of you, you naturally become more comfortable in your skin and feel more confident in other areas of your life too.


Let me give you an idea of where I’m coming from for some context. A few years ago, I met a girl named Jaclyn Phillips. She was new at the company I worked at and everyone in the office was in awe of her. Although she worked a 9-5 just like the rest of us, on the side she was a champion fitness competitor and personal trainer. Her body was insane! Rock hard abs like I’ve never seen on a real human being.


But that actually wasn’t what made me want to be her friend. It was her confidence. And I don’t mean confidence as in she was arrogant or not humble. I mean she just exuded this energy that made you feel safe and anything but insecure.

As we got to know each other better, I realized that her confidence had a lot to do with her healthy and fit lifestyle. So, I used her as my inspiration to start getting fit again. I started eating better, focusing on eating a high-protein whole food diet. I also started working out 4-5 days per week. And instead of having the goal in mind to fit into my jeans better or lose a few pounds, I started thinking of my workouts as “me time” and focused more on how I was feeling physically and mentally.


And guess what…I started feeling more confident. Some of the unimportant things I used to worry about suddenly disappeared. New things I’d always wanted to try but feared failing at turned into new challenges I couldn’t wait to tackle. I even started smiling more when seeing my reflection in the mirror.


Eventually, we both left that company and started our own lifestyle brand called Rich & Fit. You see, I also had a side hustle just like Jaclyn. On top of my day job, I was running a successful personal finance brand under my name, Jessica Moorhouse. Now, although you may think that a company with a name like Rich & Fit is one that just promises to make people, well, rich and fit, it’s actually more than that. We started our brand to empower women just like us.


Jaclyn inspired me to finally take control of my health and fitness, which in turn helped me build up confidence that flowed into other areas of my life. I was also able to inspire Jaclyn to take control of her finances, which she felt confident doing because she already had a firm grip on her health and fitness.


To cap things off, if you want to empower yourself and build up your self-confidence, a healthy and fit lifestyle is the gateway to that life. You don’t have to aspire to be one of those Instagram bikini models, you just need to prioritize taking care of yourself and be the best version of you that you can be.




Jessica Moorhouse is an award-winning personal finance blogger, speaker and host of the popular Mo’ Money Podcast, who regularly shares helpful money tips with major news outlets and magazines as a go-to millennial money expert.

Jessica founded the Millennial Money Meetup in 2016 to promote financial literacy amongst millennials in Canada. Aside from being passionate about personal finance, she’s also a fitness & balance advocate, having launched her brand Rich & Fit with Jaclyn Phillips in June 2017.