Monday Motivation: It’s Time To Become FEARLESS!

“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt


When was the last time you felt brave enough to be completely and utterly out of your comfort zone? Are you playing ‘life’ safe?

Too often we become our own worst enemy. We only see our failures, mistakes and imperfections and never our positive attributes. Ladies, it’s time to let those things go and give yourself credit where it is due.

Instead, look at the other side of the ledger and start appreciating the amazing things you have achieved in this life. Now now don’t be hard on yourself…Big or small achievements are welcomed. Try and recall that surging feel of satisfaction achieved from a job well done. Now, try and use that strong emotion to constantly motivate you toward bigger and better things!

Keep that motivation in your stride, and assert yourself in everything that you do, because stepping out of your comfort zone offers so much. It changes the way you look at yourself. It changes the way others view you. It even alters the dynamics of your relationships and builds a determined will to conquer anything that comes your way.

SO, whatever you do JUST…. TRY! However hard the challenge, always look for the light. Muster every ounce of strength you have and…if you are hungry and passionate enough, you will always succeed. Don’t let the throws of failure pivot you from moving forward, JUST HAVE A GO!

Move to the edge – boundaries are only set for safety or from fear. Break down your restrictive boundaries and make a point of testing them.



Find your edge and be FEARLESS, for every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.

Be bold. Be audacious. Be fearless