A letter to me… Melissa Ambrosini


Melissa Ambrosini is a woman who needs no introduction to Move Nourish Believe. Her first cameo was back in 2013, when she was featured as one of our Sporty Sisters of the Week (check it out here), then in 2015 she taught us why it’s important to choose love over fear (if you missed it, read it here) and most recently, she was crowned our inaugural Active Living Award winner in 2016 (check out all the action here) for her commitment to inspiring others to embrace this all encompassing philosophy. So naturally, we thought who better to get on board the #LJLOVEYOU movement? 


When it comes to self-love, this is one lady who knows how it’s done! After getting stuck in her own nasty cycle of fear and self-loathing – something all women can be guilty of from time to time – she finally figured out how to master and silence her inner Mean Girl! As walking, talking proof that YOU can change your life, we thought who better than Melissa Ambrosini to get some inspiration from, to help us write a letter to me… 




Hey beautiful,


Just a little reminder you are perfect, whole and complete exactly the way you are. You are enough and you don’t need to fix, change or improve anything about your beautiful self. You don’t need to feel guilty when you rest and for taking time out and you definitely don’t need to be so hard on yourself. I know you’re a Type A and love to get shiz done, achieve and kick goals but remember to be soft in the process. Remember to honour and nurture your inner goddess, she is crying out for more love, rest, and slowness. Give it to her!


You are an amazing mum, wife, business owner, friend and sista don’t forget it.



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