Meet the Models Part 2

Hands up those of you who are loving our February #IAMMADEOF campaign? Working with our incredible customers was an absolute dream come true for us and we couldn’t think of a better or more inspiring way to kick off a year! We had SO much fun on the day having some phat girl chats about all things Active Living and wanted to soak up as much inspiration from our incredible models as we could. But it was FAR too good to keep to ourselves, so we’re spreading it far and wide! If you missed part 1, you can catch up here, otherwise it’s time to meet the rest of the models! 


Motto/Mantra you live by: Get *%#* done/Make It Happen 

I am made of: Hustle and muscle.  

I’m a Lorna Jane Girl because: I honestly believe anything is possible if you put energy and passion behind it. Working at Lorna Jane for almost 7 years, I truly am a Lorna Jane girl in every way (and my wardrobe definitely shows that haha). 


What inspires you everyday? Setting goals and achieving them, getting that sense of satisfaction and sometimes surprising myself on what I can do. It gets me pumped to do it again!  


Favourite piece from the Feb collection + why? High Intensity Sports Bra, it is the best bra for running and I love that I can adjust the straps. 




Motto/Mantra you live by: Amazing things happen to kind hearted people.

I am made of: The belief that success comes through hardwork, determination and sacrifice.

I’m a Lorna Jane Girl because: I am made of the belief that nothing worth having comes easy. For that reason I wake up each morning ready to work hard for success. Over the years I’ve learnt to take every chance in life and say yes to every experience or opportunity that comes knocking at my door. It’s ultimately led to where I am today, and for that I’m so grateful.

Favourite piece from the Feb collection and why? I’m always on the hunt for a great pair of shorts that will make my bum and legs look amazing. The boysenberry workout short tights are perfect for this.

Highlight from shoot day? Being in the presence of so many incredibly inspiring women as well as being introduced to Lorna Jane Clarkson herself. There’s an electrifying energy when you fill a room with fit strong-willed women. It’s a day I’m never going to forget.


Motto/Mantra you live by: Good things come to those who hustle. The harder you work, the luckier you get.

I am made of: Patience, perseverance and a bit of perspiration. 

I’m a Lorna Jane Girl because: I love the energy behind the whole Lorna Jane branding. It has created a culture thats not just about what you choose to wear but a movement in how people think. It’s amazing.

Favourite piece from the Feb collection + why? I’m in love with the new crops and print styles in the LJ feb collection but I think the Katy sports bra is my favourite! I live and breathe the hustle – it’s always nice to have as many visual affirmations in my life as possible.

Favourite ways to move, nourish and believe? I love waking up with an F45 class and a dip at Bondi Beach, a fresh juice by the water and bringing positive energy to the start of every day.


Motto/mantra you live by: Fit, healthy, happy! 

I am made of: Inner strength. 

I’m a Lorna Jane girl because: I embody their values.

I’m inspired by: How far I’ve come and my commitment to being fit, healthy and happy! 

Favourite piece from the February collection + why? The Stay Cool bra, it’s feminine and comfortable something I’d definitely wear and I’m loving the pastels lately. 

Highlight from shoot day: Meeting the team and seeing how the campaigns are put together. 

Don’t forget to tell us what you are made of in the comments below!