An Important Message From Lorna


I wanted to take this opportunity to speak to you about something very close to my heart, something a little more personal, something that affects so many amazing women around us and reminds us just how precious life is. I want to talk about breast cancer. 


The statistics are scary. It’s the most commonly diagnosed cancer amongst women in Australia with eight women dying from breast cancer every day and one in eight developing the disease in their lifetime. And we all know that this disease effects not only the ‘cancer thrivers’, but the friends, families and communities around them.


It’s clear that research, awareness and early diagnosis are crucial in the fight against breast cancer and providing ongoing support for these efforts is essential. And at Lorna Jane we are partnering with the Breast Cancer Foundation to give them our much needed support to fund their efforts and countless research hours.


Join us in the month of October to support this great cause, because for every Lorna Jane bra you buy during October you will not only be investing in the support of a great bra but you will also be contributing to our donation goal of $50,000, to raise the essential funds needed for the amazing work of the Breast Cancer Foundation.


Together we can make a difference, lets change some lives and get a little closer to stopping this deadly disease in its tracks! 


 Much love and support




Lorna Jane Clarkson

Founder of Activewear, Creator of Active Living