How to Create More Positivity in Your Life




When life hands you lemons, sometimes you need to do something more than turn it into lemonade. Here are four of our favourite ways to generate more positivity in your life. It might just be easier than you think!


Just keep smiling


Have you ever tried fake laughing? You’ve probably noticed that faking a good hearty chuckle will actually result in real laughter. There’s something so funny about the contagious energy of laughing. Once you hear it, you want more and it becomes easy to genuinely LOL. The same goes for smiling. Cracking a toothy grin even when you don’t feel like it will generate more happy faces as those around you will inevitably start smiling back. How can a smile ever make you feel bad? Our number one tip for generating positive vibes is simply to SMILE!


Encourage those around you


The more we build each other up, the more we can all move forward and succeed together. Unless it’s a race, it doesn’t have to be about one person beating another. We all have the power and potential to be better and to reach our dreams. Uplifting and encouraging those around you will undoubtedly bring you more positive energy because KARMA. The more you support others, the more they will support you and the more positivity you will feel.


 Create a happy space


Do you have a bright, cosy space to retreat to when you need some time to yourself? Create your own happy place with natural light, lots of greenery, fresh blooms, scented candles and some motivational mantras. We are all influenced by our environments so it’s important to make your living space somewhere that you want to be. If your surroundings are positive, you will naturally feel more positive.


Practice Gratitude


Gratitude is one of the keys to the door of happiness – it makes what we have enough. Practicing gratitude leads to a stronger sense of fulfilment and in turn, creates happiness. Gratitude is being thankful and appreciative for all the things we do have instead of focusing on the things we don’t have. As humans, we are always chasing more and looking for the next thing to ‘make us happy’. Practicing gratitude on a daily basis means feeling satisfied with all of the amazing things that are already present in our lives. From little things like our morning coffees to bigger things like our friends and family.




How do you stay positive?