How To Stop Comparing Your Awesome Self To Others



How to stop comparing your awesome self to others? Let’s begin. Comparison comes out of nowhere and can sideswipe us for days, leaving us in a serious state of lack – feeling doubtful, alone, not enough, and as a by-product, guilty that we’re doing all that comparing in the first place.

  • Maybe it pops up in yoga class when the super-toned hottie on the mat beside you stretches effortlessly into a backbend.
  • Maybe it crops up at work when it feels like everyone is earning more moolah or getting ahead… and you aren’t.
  • Maybe it’s the dazzling edit of someone’s life on their blog or on social media that’s leaving you feeling less-than.

Comparing and despairing is distressing and uncomfortable, but what if I told you that making peace with these feelings can be easier than you think? Yep, really. Read on, beautiful.


Question what’s really going on.

Next time you feel the comparison creep – which is how it generally goes in my experience; comparison loves creeping in the back door unannounced – take a moment to still your “monkey mind,” which is essentially the Ego or inner critic cranked right up.

Instead, let’s tune your frequency to the truth and wisdom of your heart.


 Reframe – and up your game.

Instead of looking at inadequate feelings as ‘bad,’ flip them over and look at them as shining memos that will guide you towards the bigness you recognise in yourself, but haven’t yet fulfilled.

Turn your attention back to the work that you’re called to do.

Lean in, refocus, play bigger, do the stuff that makes your heart sing and remember that we’re all travelling very different paths, but the destination is the same for each of us: self-love and self-acceptance.


Say thank you.

We thrive on all levels when we truly, deep-down-in-our-bones believe that we are just as capable as our gorgeous sister over there, so I’ll leave you with a little love note.


comparison_notePrint it, chant it, send it to your besty or tuck it away for the days you need it most.


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