Lorna Jane is Headed to Texas, Y’all!


Well isn’t that something! It’s been nearly two years since Lorna Jane first started styling up our fit friends in California and now, we’re ready to take our passion for Active Living to the Lone Star State. Texas here we come!  Our first US store outside California opens its doors on April 4th in the active town of Frisco, Texas (a Dallas suburb) and we couldn’t be more excited!

To celebrate our arrival, we’ve called on some of our favorite fitness and fashion bloggers from across Texas to give us the inside scoop on style and all things MNB. One thing’s for sure: we can’t wait to see some Lorna Jane style paired with those adorable cowboy boots, y’all.

Texas Fit Expert: Danny Johnson
Blog: The Sweaty Betties
City: Dallas


How would you describe Texas style?

Dallas style is big and blingy, casual with a fun flair, and sports a pretty, manicured look. If you are leaving your house in gym clothes, you better have your hair and make-up done!

What are some of your favorite workout spots?

Spinning at Flywheel, barre at Exhale Spa, Gaia Flow and Sunstone Yoga.

What makes Texas great for Active Living?

The weather is nice nearly all year round, so it’s perfect for a skate, bike or jog.  I like to head to Katie Trail and hike or walk around one of the many lakes, or even just hang out at the fun dog parks and play frisbee!

My number one nourishing tip for staying healthy in Texas is …

Everything is big in Texas, including plate sizes, so watch your portions, girl!

Texas Fit Expert: Lea Genders
Blog: Running with Ollie
City: Fort Worth


What do you love about working out in Texas?

Texas weather is great for outdoor workouts all year round.  Our winters usually don’t get too cold and spring-like weather comes early.  Our biggest challenge is the scorching summers!

What are some of your favorite workout spots?

I love Trinity Park in Fort Worth and White Rock Lake in Dallas for the running trails and beautiful scenery.

What are your favorite go-to healthy restaurants?

There is a Mediterranean spot in Fort Worth called Terra that is amazing!  I also love Spiral Diner and Central Market for healthy-eating hot spots.

Texas Fit Expert: Lindsay Cotter
Blog: Cotter Crunch
City: Austin


What do you love about fashion/style in Texas?

In Austin it’s all about laid-back, urban-chic country style, and Dallas is a bit more upscale. I love having the best of both worlds all in Texas!

What’s your favorite style trend that you’re seeing right now?

Big scarfs around the neck paired with jean shirts and leggings: TOO CUTE!

What’s unique about the style in Texas?

We don’t have much change in the seasons, so you can really wear anything year round.  You can always wear cowboy boots!

What inspires you to get fit in Texas?

Austin is bursting with trails and lakes and the gorgeous sunshine makes it easy to explore them. Down here we love getting outside to get fit!

What type of healthy food are Texans into right now?

Anything BBQ flavored: kale chips, tempeh, chicken sausage, etc. But wealso have some delicious RAW food places around.

What are your favorite go-to healthy restaurants?

Fino’s is amazing and I love The Grove Wine Bar & Kitchen for their delicious gluten-free pizza.

Texas Fit Fashion Expert: Cris Zaragoza
Blog: My Fashion Juice
City: Dallas


What do you love about fashion/style in Texas?

I love the big hair and classy styles. As someone who is a big fan of purses, I love seeing women in Dallas carry some of the most beautiful and sought-after bags. And of course, you can’t beat the cowboy boots and skirt or dress pairing.

What’s your favorite style trend that you’re seeing right now?

Lots of radiant orchid/purple and dazzling blue colors out there right now.

How would you describe Texas style? 

Dallas style is modern, always on trend, impeccable and usually involves a beautiful designer bag.

What type of healthy food are Texans into right now?

Organic foods and healthy greens and juices are popping up here and there. Try True Food Kitchen at the Plaza at Preston, Number One organic cafe (and women’s fashion store too) at Highland Park Village, and Snappy Salads all over the DFW metro has some of the most interesting and delicious salads.

Favorite spots for a post-workout snack?

Sip on juices at Number One, The Gem, Bolsa Mercado, The Juice Bar or the Real Raw Juice.

Texas sometimes get a bad rep for being an “unhealthy” state – What are your thoughts on that? How do you stay healthy living in Texas? 

There are so many restaurants in the state. In Dallas alone, you’ll be surprised at the diversity and multitude of restaurants in the city. So if you’re going to indulge, make sure to work out for it. And the key is to balance it out. If you’re going to have some briskets and Texas BBQ, then make sure to have lots of greens and veggies on the side to fill you up and help you avoid binging on unhealthy food. And of course, add in some extra time to your work out as well.

Frisco Texas Lorna Jane  If you’re a Frisco-area sporty sister, we’d just LOVE to see you this weekend. So, grab your fit friends and put on your party pants for an active night out!

Head here for more details and to RSVP.