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To say, “you took the words right out of my mouth” may be a little bit bold but I’m going to say it anyway – MNB, you’ve literally summed it up no better than I could have done myself. I am forever reminding my patients that it’s not what they do when they walk into my office that counts most – sure it can be the turning point for understanding your body better and setting up a plan that is going to take you toward your health goals (you’ve set them out already, right?) – but it’s what you do when you walk out of my office that really makes the difference.

Here’s what I know – we’re all in this together, striving for the answers that we need to make our lives a little bit sweeter. But so often we are waiting for somebody to come along and save us, and the reality of that is as likely as me flying to Mars on a Unicorn. Really, the only person who can rescue us from our current lack of health is us, individually. We have the answers within when we tap into that sweet spot. There are three things as far as I see that can help us to get there. Let’s explore them shall we?


The saying has it – ‘knowledge is power’, and I firmly believe this to be true. Perhaps at some point in your life, you’ve sat in your doctors office and been told you have a health concern. Our immediate reaction is most commonly fear, almost always because we don’t actually understand the crux of the condition. But when we can go away, do some research and start to get a better grasp of what’s actually going on, the fear begins to dissipate. Perhaps you haven’t been in this position (this is my biggest hope for every human on the planet that they don’t unnecessarily need to be fuelled by fear) but maybe a loved one has been and you’ve experienced the brutal realisation of worry of the unknown.

This feeling of fear and anxiety soon begins to dissolve as we gain a good understanding of the in’s and out’s of how our body works. Many of us aren’t medical specialists or health care practitioners and that’s ok, but we are also living at a time where it is perfectly acceptable to be the head cheerleader when it comes to your own body and health. It’s up to you to ask the nitty gritty questions, to get informed and make choices not out of fear but out of knowledge. There really is a great deal of power that comes from this.

Clue yourself up and make informed choices.



It’s pretty refreshing to exist at a time where we are encouraged to tap into that inner goodness – our sixth sense or gut feeling. In my experience, my gut feeling to date has never, ever been incorrect. Maybe you’ve tapped into this too – we’ve certainly all experienced the flip side. You know it; you’ve made a decision and within seconds you instantly feel overwhelmed, almost like being smacked over the head with a bat because it was in-fact, the wrong choice. Your body tells you in these instances and we literally feel sick to our stomach. But when we can get the confidence in knowing it’s a matter of drawing on that inner strength, to trust what is right for ourselves individually, even when everybody is telling you otherwise, our flow begins to take us somewhere really special. The more I practice flexing my inner wisdom muscle, the more I’ve come to rely on it, embrace it and actually love it to bits. We can spend our whole lives trying to work out if it is actually all it’s cracked up to be or simply try it on for size. When we apply this to our health, amazing things will happen. This means, questioning everything and getting to the bottom of the puzzle to come up with the answers that are once again right for you.

So many of my patients will say to me, that even though their current treatment options don’t feel right, they are too scared to ask their health care professional the questions to set their mind at ease or find a different solution. Your health practitioners are there to help – finding one that is there to support your needs can sometimes take a little shuffling, but it’s super important that you don’t miss out on tapping into the right solution. This so you can set the wheels in motion for better health each and every day, in every moment.


We all have a choice and it’s what we do each and everyday that really contributes to the concept of ‘every day.’ Perhaps we’ve made decisions based on fear and we’ve chosen a treatment path that no longer suits. I want to tell you that is ok! It’s also ok to switch course, to reassess and choose again. In fact, if we continue to do what we’ve always done, expecting a different outcome, that’s the definition of insanity – going around and around in circles.

Maybe you’re not 100% sure on how to choose. Try this on:

Imagine the healthiest version of you – can you see her?

List 5 things you need to do, to get yourself on track in becoming her. She’s yours for the taking. It’s just a matter of what you do each and every day to become her.


Making informed choices based on sound research, asking the right questions and tapping into that inner voice, are what I truly believe to be the key elements in making each and everyday a step in the right direction when it comes to health and wellbeing. It means that you can have confidence in what you apply to each minute of the day, making sure your needs are being met and you are honoring your body well. It’s not always easy to begin with, but the more we can take charge of our own wellness journey, the more in control we can be in steering our health on course.




Natural fertility expert Natalie Kringoudis is a doctor of Chinese Medicine, acupuncturist and author. This inspiring lady is also the owner of The Pagoda Tree, a nurturing hub of natural fertility and women’s health.

Natalie educates young women on how their health choices shape their reproductive health. In her eyes, this is the key to addressing the infertility epidemic, as she integrates the Western medical approach with alternative therapies and Chines medicine. Her natural health methods are incredibly popular across the nation and if you’ve heard about a celebrity birth lately, its likely that Natalie was a part of that journey.

To connect with Nat and her library of women’s health information head to www.natkringoudis.com.