Why ‘Being Creative’ Is So Good For You

Being creative isn’t all about writing a novel or painting a masterpiece. Creativity applies across all areas of your life, from making a delicious meal, to coming up with a killer idea at work or a new game to play with your family.


Creativity is a spark that sits within all of us but like anything, the less we use it the harder it is to activate or access it easily. And unfortunately, it can be undervalued or misunderstood, which means it’s easy to choose to invest less time on it. 


There are the people out there who have a strong calling and prioritise their ‘creativity’. The artists, performers and creators… They’re driven by this part of themselves which means that they either find a career in this field or always ensure that they have a creative outlet to express themselves. 


If this isn’t you – it doesn’t mean that you’re not ‘creative’. And it doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from investing some of your time and energy into a creative outlet that resonates with you. 


Benefits of being ‘creative’

  • Opens your mind to new ideas 
  • Builds confidence to try new things
  • Allows you a safe space to experiment
  • Builds a stronger connection with your intuition and inner voice which in turn increases self trust and respect
  • Gives another method to work through issues, uncertainty, questions, stress or trauma
  • Stimulates learning, innovation and imagination
  • Increases focus, problem solving skills, the ability to offer multiple solutions, emotional intelligence and mindfulness
  • Reduces the need to seek perfection, stress and anxiety and in some cases, physical pain
  • Provides a deeper sense of purpose and understanding of yourself
  • Boosts self esteem, self love, self expression, empathy, immune function, positivity and energy (both physical and mental)
  • Improves mental health, memory, listening skills, coordination, cognitive function and can also improve physical fitness
  • Offers the opportunity to view the bigger picture which promotes bigger thinking and also encourages a more balanced view on life
  • Encourages play and fun


Wow! What a list!

So, you can see that the benefits of investing time and effort into ‘something creative’ are huge. 


But what does being creative actually look like?


This is where some people stumble, because it’s so subjective. And it’s different for everyone – which is what’s so awesome about it!


So, you could already be doing ‘your thing’ without realising, or you might be dismissing creative expression as being too grey or ‘fluffy’.

Or, perhaps you tried something but weren’t ‘good’ at it immediately so stopped. Which brings me to an important point … 

The first step is to let go of the need to compare, it’s all about you and literally about expressing yourself in a truly unique and individual way.


Forget about judgement and focus your energy on creating and the process, rather than a perfect end result.


A great place to start is to think about things that make you really happy, or ‘speak to you’. Does your heart swell when you watch dancers? Do you find yourself mindlessly sketching or writing? Is cooking up a huge feast when you’re at your most content? These feelings should guide you in a direction to try some different ways to play with your creative and expressive outlets. 


Here are some ideas to try… 

  • Go to a dance, art or acting class
  • Create a big mood board filled with colours, pictures, quotes, drawings, designs… anything you love
  • Write a page a day for a week – about anything! Random thoughts, a journal, story ideas, words you like
  • Try intuitive cooking – which is basically cooking without a recipe and following your gut
  • Mix up your wardrobe and try new ways of styling your clothes to create new looks and outfits
  • Pull out some paper and draw, sketch or colour
  • Try learning a musical instrument
  • Pick your favourite songs and sing your heart out
  • Move your furniture around or redecorate a room
  • Cultivate a beautiful garden


As a part of your routine, start dedicating time to being creative to build deeper connection with yourself and experience the amazing list of health and wellness benefits.


Remember, our daily practice is Move, Nourish and Believe. And creative time is a big part of our Believe practice. Don’t be put off by it being less black and white than some of your other practices… that’s part of the joy of it!


What are your favourite creative outlets and forms of expression?





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