Believe Bootcamp & Self Love With Melissa Ambrosini

believebootcamp_bannerHi Gorgeous!

Welcome to Believe Bootcamp with Melissa Ambrosini (yep, that’s me)! Over the coming weeks I’m going to help you karate chop any of those negative beliefs you’re holding on to and bust through the ‘mean girl’ self talk. We’re going to work our self-love muscle and fist pump our way through life. Gorgeous girl – it’s time to live your best life!

We all know that it isn’t just about what we eat – there’s more to it than that. When we take a Move.Nourish.Believe approach, in other words we get a ‘fit’ mind, body and spirit we are ready to start living the life of our dreams.

believebootcamp_content_01“Your thighs are fat. Your skin is dull.” …“You’re never going to earn the type of money you want. Financial freedom won’t happen for you. You’re not smart enough.” …“Who do you think you are helping people? No one is going to listen to you. Writing books HAHA good one.”…“She’s prettier than you. She’s skinnier than you. You’re not good enough.”

Meet my mean girl!

This is what was on constant replay in my head for years, over and over again and, the worst part was I believed it! I totally 100% believed every word. I lived in a constant state of fear, comparison and lack. All because I let me mean girl (aka, my ego) run the show.

You see everyone has an ‘ego’. But, the difference between let’s say the Dali Lama and me was he’d put his ego on mute. It’s there, he’s aware of it, but it does not control his life. Mine however a few years back had the volume cranked up high. At the time I didn’t realise this. I just thought it was ‘normal’ to have this loud ‘voice’ inside my head (btw – this is different to someone who is actually hearing voices. What I’m talking about is that internal dialogue or self-talk we all have going on).

I had accepted this voice. Until I landed in hospital, opened my first Louise Hay book and it hit me like a tone of bricks (thank you Lou!)

believebootcamp_quotes_01BOOM! “Holy s#@t!” I thought. I asked my Mum to bring me in a journal and I started writing. I wrote down everything my mean girl had been saying to me (there was about 7 seven pages I might add). Then I went back and re read them one at a time and I asked myself ‘is this true’Do I have evidence that I am a dump, stupid, fat, idiot? The answer came loud and clear: NO! NO! and NO!.

So, why had I let my mean girl take over?

Because I didn’t know there was another way. I didn’t know that ‘power is always in the present moment’. All that mean girl talk was stuff from the past – holding on to a nasty comment someone had made years before, or the ‘out of context’ comment I’d overheard. It wasn’t true and most importantly it didn’t exist in the here and now. Now I know all this and so now I can choose to be present AND be in a constant state of love. It’s all my choice. It’s yours too gorgeous.

believebootcamp_quotes_02Of course my mean girl pops up here and there (always when I am in my head and not in the present moment, I’d like to add). But now I quickly catch her and bring my attention back into the present moment.

It really is simple. You don’t need any fancy equipment, tools or manuals. No one can ‘fix’ you, give you the magic pill or wave a wand.

believebootcamp_content_02It’s time to change the tune beautiful. No more negative self-talk and putting your cute self down. It’s time to really believe that you are amazing, unstoppable and beautiful.

Think you can do it?


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