Amazing Women doing Amazing Things

When it comes to influential women, picking our favourite female fighters is no easy task. The last century has released a surge of strong women who are are truly making a stance and shaking things up in very real ways. In honour of International Women’s Day, we wanted to celebrate five amazing women doing amazing things.





“If not me, who? If not now, when?”. The powerful words of Emma Watson from her address at the UN Headquarters in New York last year, launching HeForShe and advocating gender equality. Most of us know her as Hermione from Harry Potter, but her wizardry skills pale in comparison to her female rights activism, which has lead to arguably her most important role yet, as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. She’s got the whole “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss” thing happening & we are totally in awe of her meaningful message to the world.





There are so many reasons to love Michelle Obama! Like the fact that she’s not afraid to have a dance, in fact, she knows it’s a great workout. But what we love most about the first lady is her stance on being healthy, eating well and getting active. She believes in the power of a super sweat session & knows how important a good nourish is! Michelle is so passionate about healthy living that she launched Let’s Move!, a community oriented initiative aimed at tackling childhood obesity and educating children on nutrition. #YouGoGirl





Jessica Alba – famous Hollywood actress, mother of two and entrepreneur. She’s a multi-talented maven for making it happen, but what we love most about her is the stance she took against harmful toxins in everyday products leading her to establish The Honest Company. We love the fact that all the products are eco-friendly, sustainable and natural. Her mission with The Honest Company is to provide safe and effective consumer products that are beautifully designed and accessibly priced so we can look after our homes and health better everyday. Because honesty is the best policy, right?






At just 18 years of age, Malala is the youngest ever winner of the Nobel Prize for her incredible work as an activist for women’s rights & child education. Surviving an assassination attempt issued by the Taliban, Malala has gone from strength to strength to ensure her powerful message is heard. She is fighting for education for all children around the world and equal rights for men and women. From blogging for the BBC to her social media movement #BooksNotBullets, Malala is a shining example of a young female standing up to those in power to make a change for the greater good.





We couldn’t possibly leave our number one leading lady off the list! The ways in which she inspires us everyday are truly limitless. Because of her determination, she went from hand-sewing bespoke activewear in the late 1980s to global expansion as Australia’s most celebrated activewear brand. If we HAD to pick the most inspirational ways in which she has influenced us, we would say her philosophy of Move Nourish Believe and her advocacy for a more active world with the community-based movement of Active Nation Day. With such a strong focus on active lifestyle, wholesome wellbeing and female empowerment, we can safely say that LJC is topping our list for fierce females!