A little Monday Inspiration: Love is…


“If I had all the powers of this world, all knowledge, all wisdom and enough faith to move mountains, but have not love, I have gained nothing”

– Paul’s Epistle

This week is the week of LOVE, and what better way to kick-start our monday, than a bit of motivation about that strong emotion that is engrained deep within each, and everyone of us. LOVE.

When you take a step back and put your life into perspective… How do you see yourself? What kind of person are you? And how do others perceive you?

The heartbeat of this life is to simply learn how to love with no strings attached because love without attachment is the purest love.

Love shouldn’t come from a place where you’re expecting others to fulfil you because you’re empty. It needs to come from a place of overflow, where you bestow love upon others because you’re already full. This is a genuine kind of love that should have an effect on everyone you meet. It can be shown in such simple forms such as a sincere smile, a kind gesture, complimenting words, or a random act of kindness. As hard as it can be, it can also mean showing graciousness to those who aggravate you.

So, what is genuine Love?


Well, it is evident in how you think and how you show love towards others… the ones who are dear to you, but more so the ones who can give you nothing in return. You can discover it in the way you view humanity and in the way you see yourself, but what makes the love you hold and share most authentic is by embodying:

+ Belief and hope in all things
+ Endurance
+ Patience and kindness
+ Self-control
+ Joy in truth

Love is not:

– Love is not envious or boastful
– Love is not resentful
– Love is not arrogant or rude
– Love is not demanding, irritable or insisting on its own way
– Love takes no pleasure in wrong-doing.

“True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly “



What does love mean to you?