21 Things MNB Girls Say


When you’re a true Move Nourish Believe (MNB) girl you will constantly catch yourself saying things, that to you are completely normal, but to others may be a little odd; a foreign language of some sorts.

Everyday MNB girls tend to have a signature lingo of their own. And what better place to bear witness to some seriously hilarious hallway chatter each and every day, than here at Lorna Jane.

This post has been a long time coming. After months of secretly documenting things MNB girls say around the office, we are now ready to launch it to the masses. We ain’t afraid to poke a lil’ fun at ourselves and make a joke at this incredibly amazing Active Living culture. Because dear friends, this is us, an insight into the wonderful world of MNB: a healthy haven of all things green juicing, smoothie blending, yoga matt unrolling and affirmation chanting.

We have no doubt you will find yourself doing a little (maybe a lot) of head nodding, grinning and giggling and ‘OH EM GEE-ing’ at the thought of yourself saying these things too. It’s ok, we get it, us MNB girls need to stick together.

1. Don’t you just hate it when this happens… 


2. Because the kind of glass jar you drink out of is important right? ThingsMNBGirlsSay37
3. The thing on every MNB girls weekend to do list… 
4. First there were coconuts, and then there was kale, now all hail the pineapple… ThingsMNBGirlsSay2
5. Forget date night, I’ve got an appointment with Mr. Benchpress…
ThingsMNBGirlsSay406. Hashtags anyone? ThingsMNBGirlsSay9
7. Seriously, is there anything more delicious? ThingsMNBGirlsSay178. It’s the equivalent of ‘underpants over tights’ type of superpower. ThingsMNBGirlsSay33
9. Along with the necessity of breakfast, our morning routine wouldn’t be complete without this essential step. ThingsMNBGirlsSay31
10. Well, it is a known fact that food boosts brain power…  ThingsMNBGirlsSay4
11. Does food count as a significant other?ThingsMNBGirlsSay20
12. LSA? Huh? Linseed, sunflower seeds & almonds of course!ThingsMNBGirlsSay18
13. Just when you thought you had tasted them all… ThingsMNBGirlsSay22
14. The trials & tribulations of a rookie Yogi…ThingsMNBGirlsSay
15. An organic apple a day keeps pesticide away…ThingsMNBGirlsSay38
16. For MNB girls, coconut oil goes way past the kitchen… ThingsMNBGirlsSay8
17. Enough said really. ThingsMNBGirlsSay24
18. A crucial component to any MNB girls beauty routine… ThingsMNBGirlsSay34
19. Weddings are about LOVE right? Well, I love Kale too… 
20. A healthy obsession wouldn’t you say! ThingsMNBGirlsSay27
21. Sahhhhh MNB!ThingsMNBGirlsSay36

Do you catch yourself saying these things?

COMMENT below as we would love to hear more of your “Things MNB Girls Say!”
P.s We have more to come, so be sure to check back again real soon to get your dose.