The 2014 Diary Has Arrived… 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love It!


2014 is literally nibbling at our heels. Can you feel it? There’s a whole new 12 months, 365 days, 8769 hours and 525,600 minutes just around the corner…

Diagnosis: An amazing New Year waits.
Remedy: The MNB 2014 Diary.

Strong, powerful and beautiful (just like you), this pink spiral-bound 250+ page book is just what the New Year doctor ordered.

We’ve got no doubt there’s plenty of room (& time) for you to shine in the year ahead. So to get you realising this too, we’ve put a whole lot of love and passion into the 2014 MNB Diary – a bigger, more inspiring bundle of joy.

Our TOP 5 REASONS why you need this in your life… every day!

  1. We are upping the ante on last year’s edition, giving you more inspiration, more motivation and more exercises to keep your active life in check. It’s time to get focused and M.I.H (make it happen) all year long.
  2. Fill out your very own 2014 snapshot – 4 pages that organise the entire year, month-by-month, so you can lock in those important dates, getaway times and your loved ones birthdays._D8A4226_D8A4275 _D8A4175_D8A4236_D8A4302
  3. We have included sporty challenges and MNB exercises at the beginning of each month (think: 30-day squat challenge), so you can always be in tune with your goals and personal development.
  4. Did someone say recipes? We know how much you go crazy for every recipe we post up on MNB, so we have made sure to include a whole lot more delicious goodness. Snacks, healthy meal ideas and nutrition tips will keep you nourishing right each month.
  5. More space for you to write – you can expect extra note pages and lines on each day, as well as self-love notes and pledges, plus your goal plans. We will get you thinking and achieving in 2014 – it’s as easy as putting pen to paper.

So what are you waiting for? Your wildest dreams are ready for you and the bright, new year is saying, “Come at me girl, let’s rock this together!”

To make sure you start 2014 off on the right foot, get your hands on a copy NOW (before they’re all snapped up by your fellow MNB enthusiasts).

We really do hope that 2014 offers everything you’ve been looking for and you achieve all of your goals and MORE.

MNB xx