Monday Motivation: 2 Crazy Simple Steps To Become Balanced & Connected


You know what it feels like to be balanced and connected. Just after a yoga class, as you’re mid savasana or as you walk along the beach, sun in your hair. If only there was a way to tap into your body’s wisdom and re-ignite that blissful feeling back in the real world.

Perhaps at work when you find yourself stressing out, or around 2pm when you are going through an afternoon slump and chocolate is looking oh-so-lovely.

What exactly lines up for this feeling of balance and connection to occur? And why does it go away?

There are two essential alignments we can cultivate to invite these blissful feelings – grounding and heart centered being. 


Grounding, also known as Earthing, is a connection of our physical and energy body with the earth. Grounding allows nurturance, support and a bubbling spring of energy to arise from mother earth. The natural energy vortex of the earth, which gently guides trees to grow up and roots to burrow down, also subtly guides our body’s front/back, up/down and energy flow qualities.

Our busy modern lives keep us perpetually separated from the ground, the raw earth under our feet, the connection that sustains all life. When was the last time your feet sank into the dirt and grass?

Without this ability to connect with mother earth, our body retains negative energy and we become disorientated within ourselves.

But we can reconnect with this primal energy source using so many a simple strategies. Each strategy consists of two parts – nature and presence.

Invite the freshness and vitality of the nature into this moment. With your mind, breath and heart focused on being here right now. You could sit in nature, invite a vital fresh breath or grounding down into the earth and imagining your feet are roots burrowing down, down, down. By brining your presence to now, where you are in your surroundings, and cultivating a connection you instantly release stress and become more balanced.

The story of what was stressing you, and what was going wrong slips away and you create a connection, a pause in the momentum of life. You are grounded.


Heart centered

We are heart-centered beings. When you follow your centered purpose you become bright and illuminated. But when our heart center, located over the chest, is shut down and diminished by overactive craniums, confusion and disorientation ensures.

Your heart-center is the compass of your life. While mind can appreciate the beauty of a sunrise, can it really feel it?

When we become consumed by our thoughts, plans and mind-centered strategies, we create a field that distorts our natural compass. Your true north becomes more difficult to navigate and the ability for joy and passion, heart-based emotions, to flow into your life diminishes.

Hurts and experiences we refuse to feel also shut down our heart. Not knowing how to feel the hurt lurking just below the surface also keeps your heart closed, locked, behind a wall.

But from the disconnection comes the option to open into leading a more heart-centered life. Where the sunrise moves you to tears with pure beauty, more beauty than the mind can comprehend.

To empty that vessel of fear and let it wash over you, courage and commitment to your own transformation is required. But from that dark place, as the pain becomes so intense you face breakdown, a breakthrough occurs. Surrendering to the emotion – positive or negative – gives you the opportunity to know it, embody it, feel it wash through you. And then rise, into the brightness that awaits.

Once your fears are felt and emptied, they no longer control you. It’s not fear that holds us back, it’s hiding from fear.

Your nature is luminosity, but to tap into that bright potential your have to been more open than your mind can imagine. Your heart needs to be open. That is why you are here.MM__quote

Putting it together

You are beautiful, magnetic and powerful. You have the potential to create a life that you love, a feeling of joy and inspiration in every single day.

Tap into your potential – ground and open your heart. Feel the balance and connection this ignites. And keep doing it, every day. While you are on the bus, while you are waiting for your organic soy coffee at the local store, while your relaxing in bed on a Sunday morning.

I see you for what you are capable of. That amazing potential lurking within. Be that.


Jenna Ward is a Kinesiologist, practicing holistic health coaching and one-on-one health sessions with clients in Brisbane, Australia and around the world.

Jenna is also a qualified Clinical Pharmacist with a Bachelor and Graduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy as well as a passionate member of the E-Motion Health team, working on their feature documentary E-Motion.

To work with Jenna or to simply discover more about the world of Kinesiology, visit Jenna’s website