DIY Face Massage for Glowing Skin (& relaxation)

DIY Face Massage for Glowing Skin (& relaxation)


Glowing skin, reduced tension, saving cash monies and some additional pamper / me time? Yes, yes and all of the yaas!

While we’re never going to turn down the opportunity for a gorgeous facial or trip to the spa, let’s be honest… who has the time or cash to do that as often as we would like?


So, as smart resourceful women we figured that we would learn how to do a killer DIY face massage that’s going to leave us fresh faced, glowing and feeling ah-mazing. 


Adding a DIY face massage into your skincare (and self-care) routine has a whole host of advantages and is pretty simple to do – so, let’s do it!

Here is our ‘how to face massage’, MNB style!




Facial massage; reduces tension in face and neck muscles, increases circulation and blood flow, stimulates lymphatic drainage, stimulates pressure points and prepares the skin to absorb products more readily (especially if you add in steaming).


Plus, it’s the perfect addition to your usual skincare routine. You can incorporate it into your daily cleansing as well as treating yourself to a longer home facial incorporating a massage, mask and treatment. As it’s DIY, you can completely customise it to your preferences, time constraints and skins needs. 


Most importantly, it feels great and is a great way to have a bit of quiet time investing in your own self-care and wellbeing. 




Get prepped! 

  • Make sure that you’re hands and face are squeaky clean. You don’t want to be massage any grime or nasties into your skin. Eww!
  • Get all of your products and materials ready and close to hand. This includes, reusable cotton pads for cleansing, any products, warm water, towels etc. And probably a scented candle and some tunes to chill you out and give you the full home spa experience. 
  • Pop on a hair/head band to make sure that your hair doesn’t get caught up and you can easily access all of your face. 


Clean Up

  • Thoroughly cleanse your face with warm water, wipe of excess with clean reusable cotton pads, rinse, cleanse again, rinse until all product has been removed.
  • Gently steam your face and/or place a warm towel over your face to relax and soften pores. 


Top Tips

  • Make sure your hands are warm.
  • Choose the best product for your skin type and requirements. We love organic, unrefined coconut oil. 
  • Use gentle to medium pressure, no pulling your skin around or pressing too hard. your skin is delicate and all of your capillaries and muscles are close to the surface so don’t need hard pressure.
  • Pay attention to your body. If something is sensitive reduce pressure and, if it is not painful gently massage to release any tension or build up. 
  • Always use and upwards and/or outwards motion. 
  • Take as much time as you would like or adapt to fit in your schedule. 
  • Repeat each step 3 – 5 times and do evenly on both sides.
  • Don’t rush, breathe deeply and relax xox


How To – DIY Face Massage 

  1. Using your finger tips and both hands, push up from your brows to your forehead and hairline x 3-5
  2. Place your index finger and thumb on your inner brows, sweep outwards toward temples x 3-5
  3. Use index and middle finger, place on temple and massage in circular motions x 3-5
  4. Place your index finger and thumb on your inner eye, under brows and sweep outwards pause at temple, apply slight pressure to temple and hold for a moment x 3-5
  5. Use middle finger tip and gently tap under eye from nose along cheek bones out to temple x 3-5
  6. Using all finger tips, gently stroke from temple down to jaw line x 3-5
  7. Sweep index and middle finger along jaw line from chin out to jaw under ears x 3-5
  8. Use index and middle finger and massage in circular motions from under chin all along the jawline x 3-5
  9. Use index and middle finger and sweep up from nostril out along cheek bone toward ear, both sides at the same time x 3-5
  10. Use index and middle finger and sweep up from chin out along jaw bone toward ear, both sides at the same time x 3-5 
  11. Using both hands, sweep fingers and palm from middle of décolletage out along collar bone on both sides x 3-5
  12. Using both hands, sweep palms up from base of neck up to jawline x 3-5
  13. Using both hands, sweep fingers up from jawline to temples on both sides of face, pause at temples x 3-5
  14. Using both hands, sweep fingers up from brow line to hair line across entire forehead x 3-5
  15. Using both hands, gently tap middle finger along bottom of brow line from inner eye to temple x 3-5
  16. Using both hands, gently tap middle finger along top of cheek bone (under eye) inner eye to temple x 3-5
  17. Close eyes, place both palms over face covering eyes and breath, holding for 5-10 seconds
  18. Take a deep inhale and shrug shoulders up and release fully with a deep exhale x 3


Ahhhhh – exhale, breathe deeply and bask in the beautiful chilled-outed-ness xx


What’s your top DIY beauty tip? 


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