The Grow Zero Equipment Workout


Your Active Living Program Bonus Workout this week is from our friends at Grow Fitness!

Talia has prepped a Zero Equipment Workout sure to get your blood pumping and leave you buzzing with energy!


Each move is demonstrated by your Strength Trainer, Alexa Towersey Flexed Biceps on Apple


The Grow Zero Equipment Workout


3 rounds.

45 seconds on each exercise with 15 seconds rest in between each one.

1 minute rest in between rounds.

Get your timer ready … Timer Clock on Apple



Squat In and Out

Plank with side hip dips

Squat with a side kick

Plank walk outs

Lunge with a front kick

Bicycle crunches




Finish with a quick 3 minute AMRAP (= as many rounds as possible).

Timer Clock on Apple  Set your timer for three minutes and do the below circuit as many times as you can.

10 mountain climbers


10 squats


10 high knees


10 toe taps




How many rounds can you do?



Training is about learning the technique and training the nervous system. Talia keeps it fun and interesting but definitely cracks the whip. She knows how to get that extra 25% out of you that you didn’t think you had!

Talia Marshal of Grow