Meet Your Trainer – Vanessa Rudge


Each month on the Active Living Program we feature amazing Cardio, Strength and Stretch Trainers.

Here on MNB’s ‘Meet Your Trainer’ series, we’ll introduce your trainers each month so you can get to know a little more about them. 


Introducing your Stretch Trainer for April … Vanessa Rudge!





How long have you been a trainer?

I started yoga in 1993 and teaching in 1996. I’ve been teaching yoga for over half my life and I’m still in love.


What inspired you to become a trainer?

I walked out of my very first yoga class knowing I wanted to teach yoga for the rest of my life – even when I’m 80!

I wondered “What if every person on the planet did yoga?” And have been working on fulfilling that mission ever since!


What do you love most about what you do?

‘Change your shape – change your state’ works across the board with all exercise – you just feel better afterwards.

Yoga brings mind and body together so the benefit seems amplified.

Seeing the look of joy on students faces after class is such a blessing. It is the best job in the world.


What excites you the most about the Active Living Program?

Lorna Jane is so much more than a clothing line, this program is testament to that.

Lorna and her brand are a constant inspiration, tirelessly encouraging women to be the best they can be.

I love the integration of the program, bringing together body, nutrition and the mind – all aspects are important.


Fun Fact! 

I’m a hypnotist and NLP Practitioner – some of the best quick change techniques around.

I love change. Some people struggle with it – I love it, it’s mart of my make up – Vanessa is Greek for butterfly.  


Favourite post workout snack?

I’m currently crushing on celery! I used to hate it but recently did an NLP process around it to now love it. 


Favourite workout tunes?

For yoga: Sacred Earth

For HIIT/lounge room dancing: Pnau


Go to motivation (how do you stay motivated when times are tough)?

I find scheduling works best for me. If I write my exercise into my diary then I’m more likely to do it. Being self-employed this is important.

My other trick is to exercise first thing in the morning. The longer in the day I leave it, the more excuses come up!


How do you move?

I aim for 3 yoga, 3 HIIT and 3 weights session each week. Plus I have a husky who needs to get out and about for adventures everyday. She sneaks into my IG photos sometimes too.


How do you Nourish?

Keeping it simple, fresh and light. I do intermittent fasting and a lower carb diet but I believe everyone’s body has different needs. Listening to your body’s needs is part of yoga too.


How do you Believe?

I’ve recently discovered NLP so I’m all about changing my beliefs to something that works for me.

It’s a relief to know that our mind is entirely plastic and can be changed in an instant.

I love being able to help others to shift their perceptions to an optimal outlook on transformational retreats and one on one sessions.




You can learn more about Vanessa by heading to her site here and by checking out her bendy, flexy Instagram here.