Meet Your Trainer – Alice Jane


Each month on the Active Living Program we feature amazing Cardio, Strength and Stretch Trainers.

Here on MNB’s ‘Meet The Trainer’ series, we’ll introduce your trainers each month so you can get to know a little more about them. 

Introducing your Strength Trainer for January … the amazing Alice Jane <3 



How long have you been a trainer?

I have been a one-on-one trainer for 4 years now.

Before that I taught ballet lessons and worked on the gym floor.


What inspired you to become a trainer?

Seeing how much the gym changed my own life. I really loved the positive effect that the gym had on my mind and body. I always wanted to do something that would help or have an impact on people’s lives and being a trainer definitely has that ability.

I believe in this day and age, incorporating exercise into anyone’s lifestyle is vital in ensuring people are living to the best of their ability, physically and mentally.


What do you love most about what you do?

The people I meet everyday and seeing the impact that training has on people’s lives each day…especially over time. People need to feel good to be happy and I believe taking part in fitness and exercise has the ability to change the way someone can feel about themselves and their entire life in a positive way.


What excites you the most about the Active Living Program?

I’m excited to be able to share my workouts with more people, and see how more and more people each day are being active and getting involved with health and fitness in different ways.


Fun Fact!

I love camping and adventuring! No phones, no service, sometimes not even a shower!!! I love getting outdoors with my partner and enjoying nature. It’s one of my favourite ways to relax on a weekend.


Favourite post workout snack:

Peanut Butter banana and chocolate protein smoothie is my favourite post workout!

-1 Scoop of chocolate protein

-LOTS of Ice

-Almond milk

-1 Frozen banana

-1 (BIG) tsp of Peanut Butter


Favourite workout tunes:

I’m a big fan of house music, anything with a good beat or drop that can get me peaking with motivation during a high intensity session!

Just to name a few artists… I love  Dusky, deadmau5, Nero and Above And Beyond.


Go to motivation: (how do you stay motivated when times are tough)

MY FIT FRIENDS AND A GOOD CHALLENGE!! Fit friends can truly be saviours when times are tough… Usually I tell my bestie when I’m feeling unmotivated and she always picks me up and gives me a reason to push through and get to the gym, even just to see her and chatterbox while walking. Doing something is ALWAYS better than doing nothing!


Mixing up or changing my training routine is also another way to shift focus and  re-motivate myself. I love to challenge myself every now and again and set new goals… this is why I started my 10 WEEK ULTIMATE YOU CHALLENGE. It encompasses food, training and  lifestyle balance into a 10 week online coaching program where women help to motivate each other and tick off goals together. If you want to check it out head to my site


How do you Move?

I move everyday whether it’s outdoor power walks, weighted circuits in the gym, or short interval cardio sessions. I mix it up so everyday is different but everyday I SWEAT!

I prefer to move early in the morning because I always feel it gives me a positive start to my day and I am less likely to skip my daily sweat due to getting too tired or losing motivation later in the day.


How do you Nourish?

Balance is key, I never restrict myself or go on diets as they never give the right outcome long-term. In fact it usually does more damage than good.

I follow a loose count of macros and calories that I track every now and again on my fitness pal. Over time I have created an eating pattern and a number of recipes that I choose from on a daily basis depending on how my body feels that day or week.


How do you Believe?

I believe by always trying to keep a positive mind frame and seeing the good in every situation.

I always remember that before your succeed at most things, you must fail a few times in order to learn the right route. And this is OK!

Keeping short-term goals written down will help you visualise your goals each day and this will help you BELIEVE your vision more and more until it becomes reality!



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The Ultimate 1o Week Challenge by Alice Jane is starting 12 February 2018! Head here for more information and to sign up!


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