Warm Up Week – Day 7 – Final Checklist


Day 7! We wrap up the Active Living Program Warm Up Week with your final preparation checklist so you’re all set to start!


Download and check off, making sure that you have everything covered ready to hit the ground running with us tomorrow (so exciting!!).


Download your Final Preparation Checklist here!



Missing anything from the list or need a hand? Here are some quick links smile

Lorna Jane App

Sign Up to the Active Living Program

Diary and/or Active Living Planner

Yoga Mat

Water Bottle


4 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

New Activewear wink


Now you’re all warmed up and ready to start the Active Living Program with us tomorrow! Yey!


We love to see how you Move Nourish and Believe, so don’t forget to snap and share your warm up and prep with us @lornajaneactive and @ljclarkson #activelivingprogram !

We also love creativity! So show us what you’re doing to prepare ready for the program tomorrow smile Get your girl gang, family and furry kids in on the action too!



Love Warm Up Week so much you want to do it all again?

Fantastic! Here is the full Warm Up Week Plan for easy access :) 



See you all tomorrow!