Paleo Banana Bread – A guilt-free treat


How good is banana bread, like seriously so good! We could eat piece, after piece, after piece… BUT (yes there is a big ‘but’) most banana breads aren’t as good for you as you’d like to think they are. And before you get all down-in-the-dumps about giving up your favourite treat, we have come to the rescue. Like most foods, there is always a healthy alternative that can allow us to have our banana bread and eat it too. So, without further ado, this is our version of healthy banana bread (with zero guilt). We hope you love it just as much as we do!!


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  1. Anneliese on said:

    Tried to make this banana bread. The ingredients don’t match with the method. Im totally confused! It says to add coconut flour but I didn’t buy that as it doesn’t mention it in the ingredients list. I did buy almond meal however and there is no mention of that in the method. Help!!!

    1. Taryn Clothier on said:

      Where it said to include coconut flour I added the almond meal and it has turned out fine! I just ate a peice and was so lovely! So ignore the coconut flour I guess!

  2. Carolyn on said:

    I agree – this recipe is very confusing & Step 3 needs some revision. Could you also please put the ingredients in the order of when you would use them in the recipe.

  3. Jenny on said:

    In step 3 where it says coconut flour I was confused also, I made it this morning and put the almond meal in there where it said coconut flour, and it worked out beautifully.

    1. Anneliese on said:

      Thanks for that Jenny! Now I can make it :) Just as well, as no one from Move Nourish Believe was getting back to me!

  4. Profile photo of KatieKatie on said:

    I baked this today also an did the same thing as Jenny. Placed the almond meal in where it said coconut flour… Now I just have to stop myself from eating in all in one day.
    Also only cooked it for 30 minutes in my oven so it didn’t dry out!

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    1. Profile photo of MNB TEAMMNB TEAM Post authoron said:

      Hi Sarah,
      Yes, they should work fine as muffins! Just separate the mixture into cupcake papers and it should be fine. What a great idea, and perfect for lunches for the week!

  9. Morgan on said:

    Sounds like a lovely recipe however buckwheat flour is not at all paleo! Are u able to use coconut flour in it’s place to make it a paloe recipe??

    1. Sarah on said:

      Exactly what I thought, I was excited, until I read the recipe and realised it wasn’t really paleo.

  10. Melanie on said:

    I made this last night and it is nice however very very dry. I looked at the ingredients and directions again and it does not mention how the coconut oil is to be used other than when greasing the tin. Was the 4 tablespoons supposed to be mixed in with the banana and eggs etc, it does not mention it at all in the directions. Help, it is just too dry and not edible at all.

    1. Jessica on said:

      The coconut oil should be added to the mixture in step 3.

      I turned this recipe into muffins – mixture was enough for 10 muffins and took just under 20 mins in the oven.

  11. Renata on said:

    Just made it and it’s absolutely delicious! Recipie spot on!
    I made also with gluten free flour for my kids! Fantastic!
    Thank you!

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