Flower Meanings Decoded: The Secrets of Your Favourite Bloom

flowers101_bannerLet’s be honest, flowers make everything better. There is nothing like coming home from a long day at work only to be greeted by a fresh, vibrant floral arrangement… even better if it’s a surprise! Besides their ridiculously good looks and sultry scent, have you ever pondered the meanings behind your favourite flowers?

We were totally intrigued, so we did a little digging. Read up on the true meanings behind some of your favourite blooms and learn why they make us feel so good!



FYI: The chrysanthemum comes in many different colours and is usually a really easy one to pick up any time of the year. These are beautiful for the home and generally have quite a long lifespan (so if you’re prone to killing plants quicker than you can swipe your paywave at Bunnings, then the good ol’ trusty “mum” is a good floral pick).
Meaning: These guys have a history tracking back to 15th century B.C. Seen as a symbol of the sun, Confucius once suggested these blooms be used as an object of meditation. It’s also said that a single petal placed at the bottom of your wine glass will encourage a long and healthy life (try this one at home).
Perfect For: These blooms are cute, simple & make the perfect edition to your kitchen or bedroom  space. They are also the ideal pick to brighten someone’s day who has been a little down and out.


FYI: These babies are making a comeback! Once stuck in a Saturday Night Fever in the 80’s, Carnation is on the rise, and is fast becoming a popular decorative choice for the home.

Meaning: In general, carnations symbolise love, fascination and distinction. In white, they represent pure love and good luck. Pink carnations carry the most significance as a symbol of unconditional love, often used to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Perfect for: For a friend who is going for a new job, or someone in your life that is need of a little encouragement.


FYI: Available in all range of different colours, this quirky flower is the perfect addition to any home. Originally a wild flower in Spain and Italy, they can be a little tricky to hunt down but are worth the find!

Meaning: They represent graciousness and legend has it, those in possession of a snapdragon appear more fascinating to others!

Perfect for: A thank you gift or to bring along to a dinner party for the host. But, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to appear more fascinating?


FYI: This is an easy one! These blooms bring sunshine into any room and every heart. Their bright yellow petals make it impossible not to feel bright and happy.

Meaning: Not only do their symbolise sunshine and happiness, they also represent pride and loyalty.

Perfect for: A graduation gift, or when someone’s day needs a little brightening.


FYI: We all love roses, but sometimes a red rose just doesn’t seem the right fit (unless you are professing your undying love). Yellow roses are the perfect option for any occasion. They’re easy to find and suitable for so almost any occasion.

Meaning: Mainly, yellow roses symbolise friendship, happiness and delight. They are also set to represent the promise of a new beginning.

Perfect for: Someone who is starting on a new journey in their life, or as a simple gesture to give to a friend – just because you’re feeling all warm n’ fuzzy.


FYI: We haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love this intricate beauty. Peonies are popular for weddings at the moment and for good reason. The Peony is a rare beauty, available seasonally, so if you want this bloom in your vase, you gotta be quick (we missed out, hence why the admirable Peony isn’t making a cameo in this post). Here’s a fun fact. Peonies grown in China were once a luxury item, selling for the equivalent of thousands of dollars for one flower stem! Crazy huh!

Meaning: The peony is a symbol for prosperity, a happy life, and a happy marriage.

Perfect for: Your wedding bouquet, a feminine touch to your home, or for the leading ladies in your life.

So there you have it – choosing a bouquet of flowers has just taken on a whole new meaning! The next time you surprise a friend with a fresh bunch of blooms, write the hidden flower meaning on a card for a sweet and meaningful gift she’ll always remember.