10 Ways To Nourish Your Winter Skin!

winterskin_banner[1]Winter is well and truly on its way! It’s my favourite season because I love to keep active in winter by snow skiing! Whether it is cross-country or downhill skiing, nothing compares to spending time in the snowy mountains skiing my favourite runs…. and the end of the day, snuggling by the fire with a hot chocolate!

Loving my winter skin however, is another matter! Did you know extreme cold and wind can cause changes to your skin, particularly the protective outer layer?  Consider all the variances in winter weather, from temperatures having lower humidity levels to our indoor environment where heaters and fires keep us warm. Soon we are left with a skin that not only looks dull and flaky and sometimes pink but a skin that can feel dry, dehydrated and tight.

Now is the time to step up your winter skin care routine and time to get nourishing, skin care style! Here are my 10 ways to nourish your winter skin…

Here are my top ten tips for a healthy skin this winter:
  1. If your skin feels tight or taut after cleansing and you use a foamy cleanser, its time to switch for a more balancing cleanser that will soothe and replenish you skin. Try products with calming botanicals like lavender, chamomile, aloe and raspberry extract.
  2.  Use a hydrating spray or spritz after cleansing and throughout the day to rehydrate and reduce any tightness, particularly if you work in a heated environment.
  3. Nourish by using a non-drying creamy mask that is rich in vital oils like Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamins A, E and C, and Oats to sooth and repair.  I recommend twice a week if you are feeling super dry.
  4. Use a serum or booster.  These specialised products contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid which is like giving your skin a big glass of water, perfect for a skin that looks taut and feels tight.
  5. Amp up your moisturising. If your skin is lacking oil and feeling dry you need more surface protection and nourishment.  Ingredients like Shea butter, Evening Primrose Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil helps to keep the skin layers in tact and nourish with vital fatty acids.
  6. Don’t forget your lips, nose and cheeks; these are the most exposed areas, particularly when you are active outdoors during winter.  Apply a healing balm to soothe and shield.
  7. Beware winter sun! Always protect with a high level SPF.  Many foundations are multi taskers, meaning they have inbuilt SPF ingredients, great for sporty sisters who are always on the move.
  8. Dry body skin? Exfoliate regularly and apply your body moisturiser twice daily when your skin is still damp to lock in the moisture.
  9. Always nourish your hands by using a protective hand cream and massage oil into your cuticles to prevent them from cracking. Try wearing lightweight run gloves when you are active outdoors.
  10. Lastly, find an experienced and professional skin care therapist – one who will find out your individual skin care needs and who will thoroughly analyse your skin to customise a specific skin care routine just for you.

Try these ultra nourishing diy recipes:


Do you have a skin care question? If so, comment below!

In the meantime… see you on the slopes!





Allison is a skin care specialist and training professional and a true ‘skinaholic’. On a 9-to-5 day, she forms part of the Lorna Jane training team; coaching, mentoring and inspiring our LJ team members.

In her spare time you can find her embracing the Move Nourish Believe philosophy by: moving in the great outdoors, skiing, cycling or simply walking her mini schnauzer; nourishing by masking her skin (her twice a week must have); and believing that anything is indeed possible (I will live in France!)

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  1. Sarah on said:

    You should check out http://www.blossomjar.com/
    Skin care products that are 100% natural, organic, vegan and gorgeous. They use sustainable packaging too. I use the body oil and the normal face oil and I have noticed a significant improvement in the softness of my skin as well as reduced inflammation.
    Highly recommended!!
    Sarah xx

  2. Bianca Evans on said:

    Hi Sarah,

    I was wondering do you have any skin care tips for puffy eyes? Is there any way to get rid of them?

    Thanks :)

    1. Allison Ware on said:

      Hi Bianca,
      Thanks for your post. Sleep and water are are a must – thanks Sarah for your advice. You may like to research ingredients like caffeine that reduces puffiness and Vitamin C if you have dark circles and pigmentation. Professional treatments like lymphatic drainage or pressure point massage may also work a treat. At home, I use organic chamomile tea bags (ensure you test patch first) soaked in cool water and place them on my eyes for 5-10 minutes and of course an old favourite – cool cucumber slices….. My final thoughts – I always use my eye product sparingly.


    1. Allison Ware on said:

      Hi Mia, Thank you for your post….. Dry hair is so common in winter too – my favourite home treatment is to warm some oil (coconut, almond, olive, sesame or jojoba) and apply to the hair, ensuring you also massage into the scalp. I then wrap some cling film or a put plastic shower cap over and leave for an hour and then rinse thoroughly – I usually put a mask on my skin at the same time!

      You could add an essential oil like rosemary which brings out the shine. Remember always use essential oils with care and follow the manufacturers recommendations.

  3. Chelsesa on said:

    I’m in my teens and have acne-prone skin, I get quite self conscious about it and it is my mission to clear it! I’ve tried many ways to clear it such as Proactiv and other commercial brand and they make my skin worse. I’m recently moved to a more organic brand (Sukin) but my skin is still quite spotty. I’m starting to wonder if my diet is affecting my skin? Do you have any tips that I could use to clear my spots?

    P.S I eat healthily and have ‘normal’ skin

    1. Sarah on said:

      Hey Chelsesa! I remember what that was like. And even now that I’m 30 I still get a few spots if my diet isn’t great!

      Have you been tested for any food allergies like lactose? That may contribute. Might be worth doing some research on food intolerances and acne and see if eliminating any foods from your diet helps.

      With your skin care routine, make sure the moisturiser you’re using isn’t too heavy as this can make your skin oily, but don’t be tempted to skip the moisturiser altogether as this can dry your skin out and your body will produce natural oils to make up for it, potentially making it worse!

      If nothing works and your acne is really bad, you can try to see a dermatologist and there is medication you can go on for acne, although I’ve heard it can cause headaches. Otherwise, it’s just time. It’s just a right of passage some of us have to go through. xxx

    2. Stella on said:

      Hi Chelsesa,

      Try cleansing with either jojoba oil or coconut oil. Most people think washing oil away with oil won’t help – but it does!

      Warm the coconut oil (or use a pump size amount of jojoba oil) in your fingertips, on wet face rub the oil generously all over. Give your face some loving! Massage it deeply!
      Follow up with a warm, wet face cloth and pat the oil off.

      Works a treat! And helps with the winter skin!


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  5. Marissa on said:

    Hi Chelsea,
    I have had exceptional results on spots by using coconut oil in place of my night cream and applying organic apple cider vinegar like a toner after cleansing. Give it a go – it worked as quickly as a couple of days for me and I think that is amazing. Plus you can get both things at the supermarket and use them in the kitchen too!
    Good luck! ❤

  6. Sarah on said:

    I was wondering if you had any tips to get rid of dark circles under eyes? I get plenty of sleep but they still wont go away!

    Sarah :)

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