Monday Motivation: 5 Ways To Get The Holiday Glow!

Article_MNB_280414_MM_01Fresh off the holiday high, the team at LJHQ are buzzing from all that relaxation, and a healthy glow to boot. With two long weekends under our belt, we want to keep that holiday feeling going, even in our workweek. For this Monday Motivation, we invited sporty sister Kelly from LJHQ to share 5 sense enhancing tips for getting that sweet holiday feelin’ all day, every day. We know we’re inspired…

It sounds cliché to talk about the wind in your hair, the sand at your feet and the sun on your face but it also sounds rather appealing at the same time – so let’s take a minute to revitalise our senses!

For those of us who have been lucky enough to take some time out and appreciate Mother Nature in all of its glory – it’s been good, hasn’t it? (I know, better than good but I don’t want to rub it in for those who haven’t had the chance.)  There’s a reason why people pack their bags, make a road trip playlist and seek a sweet escape.

It’s that special something I like to call the Runaway Rush.  This is how I describe the holiday feeling – the blissful buzz of the beach, the sweet sensation of the sun and the rolling rhythm of relaxation that gently lulls you into a state of wholesome harmony.  It’s that moment when your conscious-self softly drifts away from your body and you are somewhere else – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The Runaway Rush starts in your toes as a twinkling tingle and, like hearing the beat to your favourite song, you can’t help but groove a little – or a lot!

I experienced this feeling on Easter Saturday when I made a spontaneous decision to drive down to the beach.  My senses came to life.  Everything was blue except for how I was feeling.  My eyes were wide with excitement, my hair had developed a life of its own after driving windows-down and something stirred my soul, telling me to breathe a little deeper. I wanted this feeling of ecstasy to last forever. I wanted the holiday state of mind to be a permanent state of existence.  Driving back home, I knew I needed to find a way to inject small holiday moments into my everyday life, especially during the working week. So, I developed some small sensory tricks to help re-create my moment of escape.

Here’s how to get the holiday feeling in five sense-satisfying steps:

#1 SMELL: Light a scented candle, rub lavender oil on your temples, burn some incense. Enliven your sense of smell and drop those eyelids for 10 solid minutes of sweet-scented peace.


#2 TOUCH: Exfoliate and moisturise – don’t save that silky smooth skin for your bikini days at the beach, treat yourself to some extra pampering any day of the week. The feeling of your skin will affect the feeling in your heart!

#3 TASTE:  Excite your tastebuds by garnishing your food staples with some different herbs and spices. It doesn’t break the budget and you don’t have to change your good habits – just mix and match a little bit!  Sprinkle cinnamon on your morning oats, dust your baked sweet potato with paprika and try mixing freshly chopped basil into your spinach salad.  Simple changes can make a dramatic difference – we guarantee your tastebuds will be dancing!


#4 SOUND: Take some time to listen to a new sound. New music is seriously stimulating and encourages fresh inspiration. Download an untouched album and listen to it from start to finish.  Headphones in, negative energy out.

#5 SIGHT: Change the surroundings that you look at every day.  Move the couches around in your living room, add some indoor house plants to your space, sit in a different spot at the dinner table or put something interesting on the wall – sometimes I even hang up a fancy piece of clothing for a mood muse!



Kelly_profile_thumbnailKelly Bastaja is our very own in-house motivational mantra devotee. With a background in fashion, styling and all things arty, her dreamy vocabulary is another trick up her sleeve.  Kelly works here at Lorna Jane HQ in the national sales department and inspires us all to believe that anything is possible. With a keen eye for street style and love of berry-topped Bircher bowls, Kelly has a certain je ne sais quoi that keeps our office lively, sweet and aspirational.

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