The Story of The MNB Pink Bracelet


This is a story about the true meaning of the MNB Pink bracelet.

You know that pop of bright colour you carry with you on your every day active adventures?

It isn’t just a pretty pink wristband. The MNB pink bracelet means so much MORE to the Lorna Jane sisterhood.

Move Nourish Believe bracelet (noun) A symbol of our belief in an active future.


With Active Living in our hearts, and a continued passion to empower women to live their best life through the daily practice of Move Nourish Believe, we wanted to make some magic.


This bracelet not only represents your allegiance to the active movement, it also makes you a lifelong member of our sporty sisterhood. If you’re new to the ultimate girls club, we are an army of active advocates who MNB daily and inspire women in our wake.

When you’re on your daily walk and you spot someone wearing an MNB bracelet, smile and give her a wave, or send some encouragement her way. Know that you are a part of something truly special, a sisterhood that is growing by the day.



This bracelet is not only a symbol of your support for the active movement; it’s your source of dedication to the daily practice of Move Nourish Believe. When you wear this bracelet, you solemnly swear to move your body, nourish from the inside out, and believe in yourself every step of the way. It’s that simple!



When you slip on that pretty pink bracelet, visualise your healthiest self. Make a pledge to start living this way and create your best, most active way of life. Wear it every time you need to feel strong. Wish on it, make your own MNB mantra, do whatever you please. When you feel like skipping a workout, use your bracelet as motivation to keep on keepin’ on.




The MNB bracelet is a change maker and bond builder amongst the sporty sisterhood. If you want to inspire someone to make a positive change, present them with their very own bracelet as your way of showing support to your fellow sporty sister.

This bracelet is your way of saying: I AM FOR THE ACTIVE MOVEMENT. It lets people know, “YES, I AM LIVING MY BEST LIFE”. The power in this bracelet acts as a symbol, strengthening the sisterhood to support one another on their active way.

YOU can be the change you want to see in the world. And YOU can play a significant part in empowering the nation to get ACTIVE.


What does your MNB bracelet mean to you?


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MNB TEAM: Hey Sporty Sister! Thanks for stopping by Move Nourish Believe. We are the team behind this beautiful site full of pretty pictures, wise words and tools to help you live your best active life. If you have any suggestions, would like to feature on here or have something you'd like us to talk about, email us at Oh & be sure to bookmark the site or save it on your desktop. This way you will be sure to start your day off on the right note or get a little pick me-up when three thirtyitis strikes. We also make a pretty good travel companion too! We hope to see you real soon & don’t forget to MNB always. Xx


  1. Bee on said:


    I was wondering if there is any way you can get a MNB bracelet if you have missed out in grabbing one in time from stores? Thanks! :)

  2. Evelyn on said:

    Hey MNB-Team,

    I read your posts daily and I really love and adore the MNB-Movement. You are such an inspiration for me and my healthy lifestyle. So my answer is, because I’m from Austria, if there is a chance to receive the MNB-bracelet although I’m not from Austrialia? I would be so pleased if I could be a part of the MNB-Community.

    Lots of Love from Austria

  3. Nat on said:

    I totally support your cause & would love a sisterhood bracelet for me and my best girl friend – as we have pledged to a healthier lifestyle :) How can i receive two bracelets for me & my bestiee?


  4. Jacki on said:

    Hey team!

    I missed out on getting a move nourish believe bracelet while they were in stores and i was wondering if there was anyway i could get one?
    I love the story of the bracelet and i know it would go great with all my Lorna Jane active wear!

    Thanks girlies :)

  5. Vanessa on said:

    I am so inspired by you and would love to have an Mnb bracelet:)
    Is there any chance to get one, even though I am living in Europe ?

    Thank you

  6. Alana T on said:

    I am so inspired by the story behind the MNB bracelet and the MNB movement. As an athlete who loves living a healthy lifestyle, i would love to be part of the sisterhood and recieve one of these beautiful bracelets. I know that i missed out while they were in-store but i was wondering if there was anyway of me getting one!
    Thank you girls!

  7. Shoo Williams on said:

    Ola Ladies! :)

    I LIVE in and LOVE Lorna Jane wear and I can’t think of anything better than getting outside and active! I love all of your inspirational quotes both in the 2013 & 14 diaries and follow you on instagram. As a fellow sporty sister I still have never found out how to get one of the pink mnb bracelets?

    Any chance you can share the secret :) Sharing is caring ;)

    Shoo (Brisbane)

  8. Nadine De Carvalho on said:

    Hi there
    I’m from South AFrica and have been desperately trying to get a MNB Bracelet, is there anyway I still can?
    PLEASE help :)

    1. Profile photo of MNB TEAMMNB TEAM Post authoron said:

      Hi Ladies,
      Thank you for your comments & of course loving the MNB Bracelet.
      This is an exclusive bracelet that gets released around the time of Active Nation Day (September) each year. These bracelets are rare & symbolise your contribution to the Active movement. Keep an eye out online, in-store or on MNB for your chance to win one :)

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