The 2014 Diary Has Arrived… 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love It!


2014 is literally nibbling at our heels. Can you feel it? There’s a whole new 12 months, 365 days, 8769 hours and 525,600 minutes just around the corner…

Diagnosis: An amazing New Year waits.
Remedy: The MNB 2014 Diary.

Strong, powerful and beautiful (just like you), this pink spiral-bound 250+ page book is just what the New Year doctor ordered.

We’ve got no doubt there’s plenty of room (& time) for you to shine in the year ahead. So to get you realising this too, we’ve put a whole lot of love and passion into the 2014 MNB Diary – a bigger, more inspiring bundle of joy.

Our TOP 5 REASONS why you need this in your life… every day!

  1. We are upping the ante on last year’s edition, giving you more inspiration, more motivation and more exercises to keep your active life in check. It’s time to get focused and M.I.H (make it happen) all year long.
  2. Fill out your very own 2014 snapshot – 4 pages that organise the entire year, month-by-month, so you can lock in those important dates, getaway times and your loved ones birthdays._D8A4226_D8A4275 _D8A4175_D8A4236_D8A4302
  3. We have included sporty challenges and MNB exercises at the beginning of each month (think: 30-day squat challenge), so you can always be in tune with your goals and personal development.
  4. Did someone say recipes? We know how much you go crazy for every recipe we post up on MNB, so we have made sure to include a whole lot more delicious goodness. Snacks, healthy meal ideas and nutrition tips will keep you nourishing right each month.
  5. More space for you to write – you can expect extra note pages and lines on each day, as well as self-love notes and pledges, plus your goal plans. We will get you thinking and achieving in 2014 – it’s as easy as putting pen to paper.

So what are you waiting for? Your wildest dreams are ready for you and the bright, new year is saying, “Come at me girl, let’s rock this together!”

To make sure you start 2014 off on the right foot, get your hands on a copy NOW (before they’re all snapped up by your fellow MNB enthusiasts).

We really do hope that 2014 offers everything you’ve been looking for and you achieve all of your goals and MORE.

MNB xx

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MNB TEAM: Hey Sporty Sister! Thanks for stopping by Move Nourish Believe. We are the team behind this beautiful site full of pretty pictures, wise words and tools to help you live your best active life. If you have any suggestions, would like to feature on here or have something you'd like us to talk about, email us at Oh & be sure to bookmark the site or save it on your desktop. This way you will be sure to start your day off on the right note or get a little pick me-up when three thirtyitis strikes. We also make a pretty good travel companion too! We hope to see you real soon & don’t forget to MNB always. Xx


  1. Hannah on said:

    Hey Guys! I think this website is amazing! I’m still in high school and I WANT to start my fitness journey right away! I was wondering how much the MNB diary will be? Thanks for all your inspirational advice and tips! Love what your doing! Thanks again! XOXO Hannah

  2. BJ on said:

    Oh my goodness I need this in my life!!!
    I didn’t think a diary could get any better than last years but you seem to have proved me wrong!
    On a side note is that a Lorna Jane coffee mug in the second picture?
    Keep up the amazing work.

  3. Emma on said:

    I really, really, really want it sooooo bad. I live in Switzerland and I’m so happy you guys are shipping internationally. It’s on the very top of my Christmas list. Is it possible that you won’t have any diaries left in some weeks? I really don’t hope so.
    Love, Emma

    1. Profile photo of MNB TEAMMNB TEAM Post authoron said:

      Hi Emma,

      Wow, thank you for commenting all the way from Switzerland! We’re so glad to have you in the sisterhood… you’re going to love the new diary :) Our 2014 diary is our most popular edition yet, so we think you should definitely get in quick!

      MNB xx

  4. Keryn on said:

    I live and breath by my 2013 MNB diary. Great to see it is spiral bound for ’14 as mine from this yr has taken a beating!
    The only thing on the christmas list from my parents this year! And they know I will love it!

    1. Jen on said:


      follow the link ‘NOW’ above this to buy the diary and you can click on a preview :)
      a day to half page by the looks of it

  5. Ki on said:

    I love Lorna Jane stuff but it is soo overpriced!! Why would you pay 50 for a tank to sweat your arse off!! Get a five dollar one from big w!

    1. Jess on said:

      Might be expensive but its no different to any other quality brand, I really think you get for what you pay for. Just my opinion, I’m a dancer and speaking from my own experience anyways :) X

      1. Ki on said:

        I am also a dancer..
        I dance six days a week!

        But having fifty dollar tank tops vs five dollar tanks makes no difference to my ability!!!

  6. Jess on said:

    This looks so lovely! Is it possible to buy it in shops or just online? I almost can’t wait for the shipping :)

  7. Kym on said:

    Hi! I ordered my diary yesterday (7/11/13) and it arrived this morning! I had to chase the postie as he arrived when I was getting dressed, so by the time I did he was in the carpark going to write a we missed you note. I have to say it is well worth the money, lots of info, quite heavy but that’s ok, and not to mention bright and colourful. Looking forward to using it next year :)

  8. Mari on said:

    I really REALLY need this in my life!! I live in Finland, is there any way I cant get my hands on one of these beautiful diaries? I’m desperate for one! Love from Finland.

    1. Profile photo of MNB TEAMMNB TEAM Post authoron said:

      Hi Madison,

      Thanks for leaving your comment, we’re happy to let you know that our MNB diary is a popular choice for a day to day planner.. There’s lots of room to write your appointments and schedule each day, with fitness, nutrition and wellbeing tips throughout :) plus goal setting pages to get you on track for the new year. We hope you love it!


  9. Dominique on said:


    I know we are now already into the new year but I really need this diary! I’ve literally just bought a goal achieving one BUT this is much better and exactly what I want.

    Are they still for sale?


  10. Melissa on said:

    Hi There, was wondering if this diary is still available. Just saw it and have been searching high and low for something like it. If its not available now, will it be again? If so when? Thanks a lot! Melissa

  11. Jess on said:

    Is there any way I can get my hands on the diary in northern Europe or is it too late now?
    Can I pre-order it for next year? :)
    Have a great day!

  12. Lauren on said:

    Where do you buy the mug?? I noticed it in a magazine and also in your above photo but i can’t find it! Are those mugs available for purchase?

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  14. Nene on said:

    Guys I love this inspirational diary but some feedback for next year – try being a left hander and making a note on Wednesday 23rd July! The spiral bind is too big. PLEASE consider us lefties cause we LOVE LJ too xo

    1. Profile photo of MNB TEAMMNB TEAM Post authoron said:

      Hi Nene,
      Thank you for your comment!
      Never fear, we are in works for the 2015 diary and trust me, it is left-hand friendly!

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  16. Annie on said:

    I didn’t like the spiral, buy the end of the year it is getting ratty. Loved 2013 diary as very hardy and lasted all year :) When is the 2015 diary in stores?

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